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Artist: ScHoolboy Q f/ Kendrick Lamar
Album:  Blank Face LP
Song:   Black THougHts
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Trayvon Ray Cail]
Our experience to where we have parents in our lives
that was showin' us everythin'
Like didn't nobody walk us, by our hand
and show us how you do this and don't do that
It wasn't like that comin' up in our mu'fuckin' community
where we grew up at
We grew up off of, what, cigarillos
Actin' like a, uh uh uh, a worldwide blade
A real strength, a real, real hope scope
I mean, ya know, like
You got a momma tellin' you somethin'
A deli, a daddy tellin’ you somethin
And at the same time, you got your daddy
He-he-he-he around the corner, gettin' high off the he-ron
Your momma on the county, ya know
Your mom can't afford to take care of ten kids
I mean, you know what I mean? It was like…

[ScHoolboy Q]
Smokin' the gas on the regular man
Ya know what I mean? Word
Sippin' on Hen, that's the regular
Ya know what I mean? Word, uhh

Pissy sofas, sharin' food with roaches… uhh
On gangsta Crip, my poppa was a bitch
Left me where hope just don't exist
And every neighbor got a fence
With, bars on windows, my mom's slavin' for the rent
Throwin' dices, GT Dyno groovin'
Where you hang, we shootin', you slip, you stiffin'
Creative Crippin', uhh
Hang on, uhh, bitches stoppin' traffic
This that type of shit that, make the MAC a classic
Reason I'm pussy magnet, she learned to carry package
Been the best at rappin', uhh
I'm hot as Vegas
Your favorite rapper broke, he don't get this paper, but claim he got a kilo
Been born in '93 though, he tryna fool the people

[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar]
The joke's on you mu’fucka
The loc is on you mu’fucka; I warned ya, it's karma
Black thoughts and marijuana, it's karma
Black thoughts and marijuana, it's karma
Black thoughts and marijuana, it's karma

[ScHoolboy Q]
Yup yup, uhh
Ain't nothin' changed but the change, let's put our brains away from gangs
Crips and Bloods the old and new slaves
Shit we even changed our names
Tiny somethin' Lil Shane while we bang
But yo, y'all ain't hearin' me
My homie facin' life, he told me that my pride my biggest enemy
But, you keep your eyes in that dark
Your mind, it greys your heart, I wrote these rhymes days apart
Most of us caught before we can expand our thoughts
How your grandmother see your corpse?
How your big homie make your life a book?
Left you for dead cause he ain't lead you right, but I'm gon' freedom write
Mm, let's put the rags down and raise our kids
Let's put the guns down and blaze a spliff
Let's do it now, ain't no buts or ifs
It took a Blood to get me Pringle chips; you can learn to fly or take the ladder
Real nigga shit, all lives matter
Both sides - maaaaaan...