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Artist: Scarface f/ Ice Cube, Z-Ro
Album:  My Homies Part 2
Song:   Definition of Real
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Scarface ]
All hail to the OG, I spit the game the most dominant
Stoppin 'em dead in they tracks, makin promises
To drop 'em, leavin oppostion to die
Face II Face with yo killer cause yo killer be I
Who that nigga wanna judge this, just let it be known
The worst nigga you could fuck with is back on his own
Mafia life, ring the alarm, the sky's burnin
Wheels keep spinnin as I keep turnin
Niggas from ashes to dust, I buck, you die slow
Money makes the world go round and I know
At the drop of a hat, that's that, brains shattered
Face down found in yo house, brains scattered
Fuck 'em, you're hardcore? Real nigga come show me
Fake, sho' we come with the real, we come forward
If not I'm blowin up yo motherfuckin spot
Cause once I knock everybody gettin got
Bitch, I play these motherfuckin streets for keeps
Unlike these other MC's who bust they raps for beats
I'm bringin heat

[ CHORUS: Z-Ro ]
Y'all niggas definition of real gets y'all killed
This definition of real can help ya live
Mind your own business and you might live long
Go fuck over niggas like me and we gon' visit your home
Y'all niggas definition of real gets y'all killed
This definition of real can help ya live
You can be what you wanna be, just don't be up in mine
Cause it ain't nothin for a nigga to bust this bitch one time

[ VERSE 2: Z-Ro ]
Talkin down on me from a safe place, now I'm in yo face
What you gon' do now?
Nothin but plea bargainin, tryin to avoid arguin
I bet gettin gangsta is what you won't do now
Firearm in my right palm, twisted off too many cigarillos
But never too twisted to make a murder movie, this my intro
From a Benzo to a Pinto when I'm leanin on the window
Me and a couple of my kinfolk, evil intentions could end yo
Life, in the blinking of an eye, ain't no second chance
Call a coroner when I dump, damage is beyond an ambulance
If I owe ya I'ma be that way, so save the last dance
I'ma be Texas-two-steppin with a Smith & Wesson, knock your chest in
Bitch ( ? ) freely
If it's you or me it gotta be you cause the ones I love need me
Even though this world is not my home I'm not homesick
I love my life and to protect it I'll go in yo dome, bitch

[ CHORUS: Z-Ro ]

[ VERSE 3: Ice Cube ]
The brainiac, it's a known fact you can't sink me
Careers are dyin for niggas that's tryin to outthink me
You all know the Mega Don wrote the book
You wanna grow like the big boys? Take a look
You need to study, you motherfuckers don't believe in money
We lay our head where the weed is green and day is sunny
The Frankenstein, I never think of lines
They come to me in Deep Space 9 by design
A hoe conqured by the game
It aini't no stoppin this, the infamous name
Infest the metropolis
You can't keep my ass out the Lone State
Even though Joe and Face can push they own weight
It's the cavi collaboration
While some fools are happy in hibernation
And them the ones you can find short
And anybody testin Cube I'm stingin tongues like a 9 volt

[ CHORUS: Z-Ro ]