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Artist: Scanz
Album:  Prelude to a Legacy
Song:   You Know the Deal
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When I get into it I'm probably the best to do it
I'm fluent at murdering beats whenever they handed to him
In third person, kicking the first verse
And people already thirsting, wondering what's worse than
Scanz on the illest ish, that's the syllabus
Spilling it to the rhythm with diligence
Y'all feeling it? I
Understand what I'm doing is fly
That's why I recognize the movement is high
And I'm proving with my
Abilities and agility with an iller steez
Y'all can feel the breeze getting heads to drop like guillotines
I fulfill the dreams of a million fiends
Who just steal the scheme but I'm 18 starting to build the beams
A foundation so I can out chase them
To another place and never have to face them
It's a rare case when no one can replace him
It's bigger than stations, something truly amazing with
Inhibition when I'm holding position. I know that you wishing
that y'all can get me into submission. But nah
I'm grabbing hold like ice picks
With a cold flow that blow holes in speakers
Like gases up in the ozone, so hold on
Cuz I know that it's rugged
Been so long since y'all heard something holding a substance
It's just an introduction, something I'm opening up with
I'm saying, anyone holding the mic better tuck it like fuck it

Watch as I step to my business
If you for real than you know the deal

Yeah, I spit heat, venom and rip beats
Discrete but you ain't aceing this with a cheat sheet
You write rhymes on velum cuz your syllables see through
You try to bite my style but it's killing your sweet tooth
I reach through the speaker cuz I'm willing to teach you
The flow's like a serum cuz I'm making you seek truth
You cease to ever admit the hell that I spit
Can make you see the devil when I'm telling this shit
It's on that level cuz I'm lifting like an L in your whip
My words in your mouth like biting with the pen on your lip
Incredible shit. I flip to make the rhetoric stick
Lyrics thick like I'm writing them down with a bone tip
Oh shit, the pen exploded, ink splashing
You think it was an accident how this happen
Abstracting. Feel it when the sound clashing
Deeper than the spoken word, it's loud action
Your song's just a trend in the now like styled fashion
More flow in my music than cumulus clouds packing
Doing this now, fact and fiction. Mixing different genres
Words are +Weapons+ like high-top +Converse+

Watch as I step to my business
If you for real than you know the deal

If you for real than you know the deal
If you for real than you know the deal