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Artist: Savant a/k/a Stanstro
Album:  Rely On Me (S) *
Song:   Rely On Me
Typed by: Savant a/k/a Stanstro

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You were born prior to the birthday of Christ
By 24 hours and word to your life
You can bet your birth served me a purpose and light
For the words that I write
Purge and recite
No better cure of a type than your vitality and
Verve, it's a sight that incites thousands
And revives thousands more arousing shores
The LA to Long Island and thousands
More... And more
My eyes became yours at the moment you enlivened
It roused my core
When you smiled I swear I swore
Not a man will ever harm nigh a hair
Not yours
And if ever you should falter then hear
My call
Run from nothing, never stall never fear
Not at all
You might stagger, you might fall, but you'll ne'er
Lay gone
You're a Daggett, you are strong, you are RARE

And when the rain falls just rely on me
And you know who to call when your ride's on E
When God seems far keep your dial on speed
Regardless of the draw, just rely on me