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Artist: Santigold (o/k/a Santogold) f/ Spank Rock
Album:  Santogold
Song:   Shove It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Brooklyn, we go hard
We on the look for the advantage, we work hard
And if we seem to rough it up a bit
We broke but we rich at heart
Pull ourselves up now we won't choke
It's our time, put the lights on us
War tactics, they make me sick
Reel your heart in, run away with it
Smile in your face, undermine your back
Got guns for the strength they lack
So if you know another way
You can't look the other way
You know another way
Tell them so right to their face

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
We think you're a joke
Shove your hope where it don't shine

I pay for what's called
Eccentricity and my wish to evolve
I hear them all say, that I got heart
But not everything that it takes
Take my mind but not my soul
Tell you I got fire
I won't sell it for no payroll
Let 'em hold me down
I know if I know another way
I can't look the other way
I know another way
I'll tell them so right to their face


[Spank Rock]
Entirely, totally
Bring it all together, I want everything
If it's in,this feels like hot gossip
Doesn't mean that we can't be
poor folks waiting on a trickle wit'cha hands out
I got a life that you can call it luck
Because it wasn't due to you
don't mean I ain't paid dues you stupid fuck
I'm all in my mind to vision things that you cain't
Just know I'm doing somethin you ain't, simple and plain