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Artist: Santigold (o/k/a Santogold)
Album:  Santogold
Song:   My Superman
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Hey, hey, hey {*2X*}

Well you're a liar and your cues are all wrong
But I can't count all the ways you woo me
I watch you capture what I can't hold
Now make it make some sense to me

You are, you are my {*3X*}

Hey, hey, you got to live
You got to live, you got to live
Me get hiiiiiiiigh; bless your soul
You get byyyyyyyyy; so take me along
But all the static here it's tearin you a-part, part
You can't help the way that you, you, you, you


Hey! You, you, you
Hey! You gain weight
So walk, walk, walk on now
You know you saved me
Don't go hands down