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Artist: Sankofa
Album:  Just Might Be
Song:   21 Choices
Typed by: @RapSankofa

The life of a loner in Isotoners
Slicing like a knife through the icy coldness
Shoe to the pedal, thine eyes behold this
Two wheels gliding, that'll settle and roll swift
Rock Shox bopping to the cracked and old strip
Hop scotch boxes pass by ghost quick
Not to brag as though this is mackadocious
It's just how I roll, focused
No need for spandex, oakleys and toe clips
Just a pair of cargo shorts and some old kicks
Maybe a book bag to carry my foodstuffs
Plus a clean shirt when my sweat, it is too much
Calling Jason Roberts when it's time for a tune up
Swear I could ride from here to Montezuma
I disagree that only kids can ever go and choose fun
Throat gets dry so I chew gum
Chill for a while on my way, then I zoom some
Cutting corners through parking lots, on a new run
Figure that I'll change the route every now and then
Nothing like freedom's taste with a power blend
No more fumbling, finding my keyfob
Plus by the time my windshield is defogged
I'd already be at work with time to spare
So complain about gas like I'm trying to care
If you're seeking sympathy, you won't find it in me
My bad, I'm just gliding the streets
Enjoying the air, the scenery, and the rhythm of it
Plus racing cars across the street when I am finna rush it
I got a bike from my dad, it was a ten speed
Now I've got 21 choices, seeing Humvees
Guzzling gas so I'm zooming past them
Backed up traffic paying dues to fashion
Forget it man, I'm moving at my own speed
Goretex Nikes so I'm never catching cold feet
They'll catch up, revving engines like a sort of threat
But they're locked in a box, metal portalet
Some drivers roll down their windows and shout
Just to get a rise, but I'm winning the bout
Just in case you wonder what I'm grinning about
I'm happy being a kidů
Carmex on my lips so they don't get chapped
Buckling my helmet and tightening straps
Chuckling at drivers trying to pass
With violent pizzaz, thinking that this time is the last
I'm playing Frogger navigating diamonds of glass
Trying to steer clear here, 'lest I'm riding a flat
Cause I can walk a bike, so much cheaper than a tow truck
I'm not going to lie and say that it won't suck
But can a broken down car fit in a trunk?
And get fixed without paying one ridiculous sum
See, my bike cost less than a car repair
More money for shoes, Ziffles, & art to spare
So there

There's something quite dope 'bout the nice, slow
Spinning of a bike spoke like so, cycle maestro