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Artist: Saigon f/ G Martin
Album:  The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses
Song:   Relafriendship
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[Intro: Saigon]
So this how we puttin it down, huh?
Alright (uh) alright

She more than a friend, less than a lover
Why do I always question if I'm destined to fuck her?
She talk about her man, I don't wanna hear it
I listen even though I really feel like interferin
She's somethin like a sister in sort of a sense
Half Haitian like me, poppa from Port-au-Prince
Lately the conversation been more intense
I look her deep in her eyes when she speaks so she's more convinced
That I really care about what I'm hearin
When all reality I'm just starin
Cause Lord mama bad, ya heard me?
If I fuck her I'ma do her dirty, and I don't think ya heard me
Me and mama got a lot of commonality
I don't wan' introduce her to abnormality
And if we ever did it it'll fuck it up
So I guess I'm just gon' have to suck it up, yup

[Chorus: Saigon]
We got a relafriendship
Seen shorty hit the scene do her thing, nah but I ain't trip
I'm in a relafriendship
Lot of times wanna pull her to the side, nah but I don't slip
We got a relafriendship
Shit I knew her five years, we ain't never even kiss on the lips
I'm in a relafriendship - it's a relafriendship
Relafriendship - a relafriendship (talk to 'em)

She told me I could crush her, I introduce her to Usher
Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and what the
Michelle Obama, Janet Jackson, and what's her
name, you know the dame that sang the song about the busters
Always makin me laugh with that fat ol' ass
I wanna smash but I had to pass, told you last paragraph
I don't see nothin good comin out of that aftermath
I remain neutral, keep it at half and half (yeah)
Cause we got a relafriendship
It's somethin I bring to you, just embrace this shit
Bein friendly with benefits' a basic script
This here is deeper, it's a relafriendship
We could hold hands but I won't tickle your palms
Kick it with your old man, or go and pick up your moms
Think this shit is the bomb, what we have's so great
Yo wait, startin to think you my soulmate


[G Martin] + (Saigon)
I'd be lyin (what)
if I ever said it never crossed my mind (ha ha)
I've been tryin
And tell her what I'm feelin for you deep inside
But baby you the best
And our situation kinda makin me depressed
Cause I'm curious on how your body look without the dress
I'd hate to lose a friend over ass, it's just sex (just sex)
But damn, girl (damn, girl)
I wonder what it's like, to be your man, girl
But I have to settle for, bein friends
It's just better in the end (what)
To have you and to keep you than to love and hurt and leave you
(That's not feasible) Ohhhhhh