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Artist: Saafir f/ Shock G
Album:  Trigonometry
Title:  Broad Minded
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A freak of nature makes a nigga wanna mate ya
With the kind of vagina that makes ones part from paper
You make my chest warm
I'm about to be reborn
Wrap your form around me
You astound me
The way you mount me
Wait, let me burn a fatty
So I can feel the fluid when you do it
Call me daddy
Add me to your shit list
Feel the punishment
You ask me to twist you like taffy
It's from when it's bent
Yolkin', hot water soakin'
Ease up the throbbin'
I know I got your loins
Knockin' coins
Give me your pockets
I take necklaces, bracelets, earrings and lockets
It's OK to pay me
Skills and be ridden thrills
Run concurrent with currency
Be earnin' me a livin'
(Like a super ho)
But I'm super though
Without the leotards, it's the man of steel for real
Can you conceive me?
If  you don't believe me, take a sample
You can freak me
Take your time, critique me
I wanna feel every nook and cranny in your fanny
Right after your annual
Man, me I'm manual
I leap freaks like a frog
Don't rewind it
So much space behind my face
Can you find it?
I'm broad minded

Chorus: Shock G

I'm major deep, deeper than deep
But when it comes to bumpin freaks
(I'm broad minded) I'm broad minded
I'm real nasty, see if you can outlast me
when I bump a freak
(I'm broad minded) I'm broad minded

In my younger summers
My moods used to spook me
I used to wonder the smell of Janet Jackson's booty
Ooooo weeee
On good times, but I took what I could find
Like the time I was in first grade, in class with Kool-Aid
I got bored and explored this young female
We'll sprung on the details
We fell in the closet
Down came my pants
Up like a clown in my stance
When I hit the stickiness
I fell into a trance
It was bent
I've been a fool every since
In pools and garages, on the roof, behind the fence
I'll be a freak apostle
After I take my middle fingers to my nostrils
Whatever the case is to the facial
Cause in my mind, I belong in my files
So mental pictures, when I sit and split ya doggystyle
You tell me "take it easy"
Baby it's been a while
Here I come touching down in your vertical smile
Hers is wild
Hot but mild like crystal hot sauce
You make me trickle
Nickels got tossed, on both sides was a winner
Heads and tails for dinner
Forgive this sinner
I got a jones for them bones
It wasn't planned
Though God timed it
You can ask D'Angelo
I'm broad minded

Chorus (2X)

You got me ready to touch the moon, here's my mushroom
I'm reading your body language
I'm ready to publish the puttin of...
stroke of genius from a penis
That's touched everything chocolate to tapioca
I wanna watch you choke up and giggle
And wipe the spittle from your nipples a little
Uh-huh just a little
And drool a jewel until I hit a mental wreckage
The only way to identify when I'm done
Dental records
Like this one
Fear me not
Got everything from Miracle Whip to spiritual dick
Drippin wet
Let me bite your hands on my chinny chin chin
Win a trip to buy a fit to tie your loose ends
Stay a while child
I got toys
But you got to wind it
I'm broad minded

Chorus (2X)

Yeah, big shout out to Shock G for these broad minded tracks
No doubt
Hobo Junction soldier
Bumpin these freaks in a broad minded state
Lettin you know for the nine six straight