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Artist: Sean Price f/ Ike Eyes, Ill Bill
Album:  Mic Tyson
Song:   Solomon Grundy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Sean Price]
P! Listen, yo, yo
Gun in my hand shoot, hand me a gram shoot
Misunderstanded with the family man, shoot
I'm bangin I'm Beirut, I'm trainin in state boots
I hang with the same group, aim at your grapefruit
The shit that you say cute? I can't relate, duke
The trey pound's related to the ache in the face full
Nigga I hate you; break you, Ivan Drago
I'm +Russian+ to put pellets in your pecan pronto
P! Ain't talkin money, we can't convo
You pussy under pressure pa, P stand strong, though
I bring in the shells, I beat up your squad
You singin in jail, you Chico DeBarge
... Fuckin nickel bag steamers
I sell coke that's whiter than Milk of Magnesia
Frankenstein when I'm makin mine
You think you rhyme? You should think of mine
Solomon Grundy

[Ike Eyes]
I made my bones shavin Sharon Stone's in a school zone
One way ticket from the projects to a pool home
Trappin ballin and rappin is the hood's holy trinity
I sold a pack 'fore I lost my virginity
Surrounded by speed freaks and weed geeks
Quiet down, listen up when G's speak
Return of the body catcher, the crown's been captured
Caught up in the rapture, I slaughtered a bunch of rappers
Ain't no Tarzan in the marshland
Fumes from the meth cook, turn meed into the swamp man
Get the red wine out, white lines and Amy Winehouse
Walk fine lines in hindsight
Coulda made some better choices
I didn't always have to listen to the voices
Thug in my bloodline, mud pies and drug buys
The dead live on and love dies; Solomon Grundy

[Ill Bill]
Yo Ill Bill murder futuristic like Paul Laffoley, haul your casket away
Assassins'll spray, reptilian like a cannibal's brain
Horrifyin like dyin in a two-passenger plane
Nosedivin fire in the sky, showers of flame
+Houses of Pain+ on +Cypress Hills+ and mountainous terrain
Even a lion chills after a ounce of sour to the face
I'm the lightnin that the Vikings worshipped
The sight of when a rifles burstin, write subversive, I'm a decisive person
Liquor on a bullet wound, feel the Henny sting
Everything is everything, I'm a +Heavy Metal King+
Been labeled intelligent, irreverent, malevolent
True indeed plus a veteran, on point like the Devil's chin
Surrounded by apparitions and statues of smilin death
Assassins with pistols capture your dyin breath
Like you stepped into a horror flick, kill you
Then resurrect you in the middle of a blizzard of hollow tips, Solomon Grundy