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Artist: Sean Price
Album:  Mic Tyson
Song:   The Genesis of Omega
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Sean Price]
Ooooh~! Yeah, y'knahmean?
Feel me without hands on this, word up
The fuck outta here, yeah
Embrace your Satan nigga, listen

It's the start of the endin, I'm departin but sendin
this message out, the sket is out, you a target that's tremblin

[Sean Price]
Knahmean? Hehehe
We on this shit, we on this shit dog
Listen, uhh

[Sean Price]
It go - Hanna Barbara barbarian
Bars better than yours and your entourage pa, Sean bury 'em
... You know how the shit go
No disco, Sisqo, or calypso
Blow piff, fo'-fifth, smoke mixed with indo
East African beast, batterin Chief Kimbo
Barefooted, steppin on hot coals
Shaka Zulu, spear chuckin, you front and I'mma shoot you
Hardcore rap at it's worst
Move from the, morgue truck to the back of the hearse
Move from the, back of the hearse to back in the dirt
Change clothes, put a back on his turf, move on
... Do Sean
Can't be me, motherfucker your shoes wrong
.... Boot Camp for life, B
Nine times out of ten, you can catch me in Nikes
That's what I'm sayin man (I know man)
Listen, it's the start of the endin, I'm departin but sendin
this kite out, it's lights out, you are marked with an emblem
The fuck is goin on? ... Listen


[Sean Price]
P!! Cut taht shit off