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Artist: Sean Price
Album:  Master P (Mixtape)
Song:   The Huckabuck
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[The Spirit of Truth - Reverend X]
"This is not a competition it's a cooperation
 Stupid ass house nigga
 I can't see you though bitch, you see me
 The devil is a motherfuckin liar
 Cause you know I ain't worried, beotch
 You don't like it? Kiss my ass you don't like it
 It's my house"

[Sean Price]
Aiyyo, listen, aiyyo
Gather 'round motherfuckers and stop the bullshittin
'fore I go gun-ho, fo'-fo'n and fo'-fifthin
Don't make a difference to Sean grippin the cronz
Guns up, thumbs up, motherfucker DeVaughn
Sean's, throw the 3 like Abdul Jabbar
You too old to be rappin, how true you are
Throw your punk ass in front of a moving car
Sticks and stones break bones, worse them hurtin pa
Listen! Jack and Jill went, up +The Hill+
They got, to' back by +Fizzy Womack+ and +Bill+
Amazing grace, eat the food off your plate
Wash it down with some milk bitch, you know how I'm built
Sean Price is the negro, +Lou Ferrigno+
+Incredible+ flow, bitch I'm lettin you know
I'm the Boot Camp general, the veteran spoke
Remember the Alamo flow, goin for broke - P!

[The Spirit of Truth - Reverend X]
"I come in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit
 Don't matter how you got with me
 If you, if you down, doin what I'm talkin 'bout doin
 Lord needs to get this book open
 Turn your diseased waters, and give to the poor
 And follow listen to widows, your uprising benefits
 And you down with that - you ain't down with that?
 Then shut yo' God damn ass up!"

[Sean Price]
It go, as I combine all the shells from my 9
Run up, gun up, gat is crackin your spine
Powerful impact, BOOM from the cannon
A new sheriff in town, clown I'm +Reggie Hammond+
I'm tryin to +Get Rich or Die Tryin+
You die tryin to get rich that's where the 9 lined him
'Burbs say with my wordplay I'm out of my mind
I'm at the herb gate and these niggaz ain't, sellin no dimes
Get, deep in your face illuminati your grill
Body somebody, and jump in my Ducati and peel
... I'm not like these other rappers
Flashin the pants dance steps, fuck a rapper
Ruck is after the gold, and after that the platinum
Beef after that, hurricane strength pack the gat son - P!!
Motherfucker, son of a bitch!