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Artist: Sean Price
Album:  Master P (Mixtape)
Song:   Fish
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* intro and beat are the same as "Fish" by Ghostface Killah

[Sean Price]
Uh-huh, P! Yo
We eat fish, catfish, Porgies and mad whities
Real nigga shit my dude, no whities
But the God'll jump on shrimp, lobster tails
When I die, Satan moms'll slob my knob in Hell
Step with the steel, always got a weapon that kill
Niggaz try to jack deez is resurrecting the real
Listen, Saddam-enon Sean, ape man, King Kong Sean
Cold world, keep your longjohns on
Peep the shark tales, how the God ate y'all spark tales
Slick with it, similar to Avon Barksdale
Your arms swell, don't make me pop your knot
Send you to heaven to do a song with Scott LaRock uh
The best emcee pa, Ruck is the name
Yeah you messin with the fuckin cha-ching, motherfucker
Ha ha, you a BITCH!!! P!
I'm 'bout to go ape now nigga, FISH
Knahmean? We got, catfish, shrimp, lobster tails
Whities, Porgies, we 'bout to get STUPID in this bitch salad
Don't know nuttin {?} another liquor nigga
'Bout to get FUCKED UP nigga
P!! Birthday song nigga
That's what I throw on my shit nigga, feel me?
And I'm a Pisces nigga, fish man
Whattup? P!!