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Artist: Sebastian Mikael f/ Wale
Album:  Last Night (S)
Song:   Last Night
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

Folarin, Double M
Slip N' Slide collabo; let's get it!

What you talkin' 'bout?
Know I've been a rumor well let me call you out
Where you put your crown? You got a little style
Let me put it down until you walkin' on the cloud
Look, the time's now, I'm intrigued
Whenever I browse I'll be sure you get things
Yeah, see what I did there
Slip inside of her body until she get there

[Chorus: Sebastian Mikael]
I can't lie, when I.. watch my ba-by
Her lip gloss pop, just came from the spa
Hair done too, but girl, that was four shots ago
Now you can't, be-lieve, that you did it, with, me (ohh)
Cause you wasn't sayin' that last night

[Sebastian Mikael]
Girl, I swear to God, people pay for a smile likes yours (like yours)
And I'm loving it, chea (and I'm lovin' it, I'm lovin' it)
Girl, I swear to God, they'll pay for ass like yours (like yours) 
If it wasn't there, yeah, yeah (and I'm rubbin' it, I'm rubbin' it)
Ohh, ohh

[Interlude: Sebastian Mikael]
You wanna know if we can make this confidential
Between me and you (we already did it)
Between me and you (we already did it)
Remember when I said I'm tryna find something to get into
I was talkin' 'bout you (we already did it)
I was talking about you, you, you, you, you


Yeah, haha
This ain't real baby, what they talkin' 'bout?
Ain't no rapper that's alive call Folarin out
Now can you deal with it? I'll probably run you out
Cause I never tell a woman where my body call
Lemme tell 'bout last night (ohh yeah)
I don't remember much of last night (last night)
How I can say it keeping it polite
Umm, you left once, but she came twice so get it right - WHOO!


[Sebastian Mikael]
I swear to God, and I promise I won't tell nobody
Your privacy is safe with me (and I'm lovin' it, I'm lovin' it)
Girl I swear to God I wanna get plenty time to touch you, yeah, yeah, yeah
(And I'm rubbin' it, I'm rubbin' it) Ohh, ohh

[Interlude] + [Chorus]