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Artist: Solomon Childs
Album:  You Don't Want War
Song:   You Don't Want War
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Lil Wayne Sample, (Solomon Childs)]
The hottest under the sun
(What, Somebody call these niggas man, Niggas is cooked)
Aint nobody fuckin (Fuck man) with me man
And-an-an-an-and (That's right) you already know that pimpin
(Huh, they love my music Momma) Dance, Somebody gone die tonight
(Aint nothin to gain) And you already know that pimpin. (General, What)

[Chorus: Solomon Childs]
Don't get to sayin that you want war, Nah
Don't get to sayin that you want war, Nah.

[Solomon Childs]
Watch out, Here I come, There's a red dot on your face
The two thousand and eight version of Snoop Dogg
Of murder was the case, Like the streets
When the semiautomatic sparks, Send assassins
For your babies lunch box and the parts
Geared up nigga, Your best hood star militia
A ruff chew like alligator meat
Half man half vulture, Bury niggas half alive
I used to yap chains at The Cobo
Nigga I'm alive, Several years ago your career died
Arrogant niggas only result to violence
While powerful minded men call silence
But still have the agility to wrestle a tyrant
So stop perpetrate fraud
Cause I aint got no problem runnin for the law
This aint nothin like get rich or die tryin
But like 50 Cent's character you might get a bullet in your jaw nigga
Huh, Don't get to sayin that you want war, Nah, Huh, Nah, Huh, Nah, Fuck

See I told you I wasn't playin with these niggas man
River side motherfucker, Lets start...