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Artist: Solomon Childs
Album:  You Don't Want War
Song:   Shifty
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Yeah, That's right, Uhh, Yep
Chi Town, Come on, Yeah, Let's do it like this
Come on, Indiana, Uhh, Come on

[Chorus: Solomon Childs w/ ad-libs]
Shifty, We gone get grimey
Thugin and chasin paper
Through the city life
What, What, Ohh-Oh-Oh-Ohhh, Ohhhhhh
Ohh-Oh-Oh-Ohhh, Ohhhhhh

[Solomon Childs]
City bosses, Mystery mix, Colored Porsche's
If out the blue niggas can snake
I'm probably the one that caused it
Anything big hit the show room this month, I'm floss it
And niggas aint never really been on it
Live'n make believe, Imitate'n gangstas
Or niggas in jail that they used to run with
So you a war lord right, I bet
And this the type of gangsta you aint even experienced yet
I told you before I had them elephants
Climb over your baby momma fence
Goons move'n like eighty-one with the bear
Huntin sawed off pump under the trench
But I'ma cool out, From gettin all tense
And besides I'm spendin time with this new chick
With a Grand Cherokee, Chinky eyes, And she thick
My peoples say she look like Mary J. Blige
And love gettin broke off by the hood rich