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Artist: Solomon Childs
Album:  You Don't Want War
Song:   Rims Stay Rollin'
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Uh, Uh huh, Uh huh, Boy, Huh, Uh huh
Heroin Daddy, Check it, Yeah, Uhh, Ayo

[Chorus 2X: Solomon Childs]
My rims stay rollin
On my down fall niggas keep hope'n
I don't wanna fall in love I'm too young
It's M.O.B. for life
We start shootin motherfuckers better run

[Solomon Childs]
I think back when crime was crime
New York City was pimps and bright lights
Forty deuce nights, Liftin wallets
Flirtin with scarlets, Pretty like Bo Derek
Daddy Kane wouldn't perform cause he aint have two X's
Broke up a chump's boom box, Young Freddy Fox
My older cousins was from Staten Island
But put the masks on, Loaded the glocks
When they heard Scott La Rock died, Dominican pride
My Momma used to buy the yellow and black bags of pork rinds
But still taught me that the world was mines
And only animals live in a cage
You did the jail thing at a young age, Gladiator school
Floated on dudes like I was trained by Angelo Dundee
Was always lookin to Bogart like Humphrey
Lets get it now

[Chorus 3X]