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Artist: Solomon Childs
Album:  You Don't Want War
Song:   Respect
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Yeah, Solo-murder boy, Huh, General Childs, S. Childs
You know me man, C.E.O. boy, Killa Mob
Lets go, Haha, Get my weight up now Momma you see me
Gettin my weight up, Man I'm clean
I swear to my Mother I'm clean, Haha
Yeah, Come on, What, That's right, Yeah

[Chorus 2X: Solomon Childs]
I got a message and this is to relay
Niggas will respect what the fuck I say
Why should I go that way
Besides I stopped buyin Jordan's and bought a gun
Now it's your turn to run.

[Solomon Childs]
Bad intentions, Blood flowin, Bumpin up your skin
Your line runnin thin, Your blood runnin thin
I shoulda left your brains on your Escalade
But check if I throw my only chase this year it's paper
Now-a-days, I'm so in tune with the Lord
But it's hard to walk away from the extortion
When you see it it's clear as day
Today they can't handle the gun sway
Or even the thought of the shells ricocheting
Hittin a stray dog, Or one of them big ol' hens
Before I go I vow to not lose limbs
Or make things sound like they don't supposed to be things
When niggas get to stickin blades, In the back of your friends
Tell you it's as real as you can see it, You gotta get your ends
That why I give it realer then Bose or Jack-Mack and Attica pens