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Artist: Shawn Boothe
Album:  Unauthorized Biographies
Song:   Unauthorized Biography of James Brown
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[Shaun Boothe]
The Unauthorized copy... {UH!}
Dedication to the family of deceased
My name Shawn Boothe
First off I wanna thank Nas {UH!}
And I wanna thank everybody for helping me out with this
Couldn't do it without you

{1, 2, 3, 4 - hit it!}

May 3rd, 1933
James Brown is born - stillborn delivery
Revived by resuscitation
His childhood was nothin amazing
Abandoned at 4
Mama took a dash for that, door
Guess it's hard bein that poor
Raised by his aunt in Augusta, Georgia 
Sixteen wound up cuffed up
Armed robbery
Spend three years state property, but at least he ate properly
Before that, he was dancin for change
Polishin shoes, really nuttin to lose
Locked up he joined a band called the Flames
And reconnected with his gospel roots
Uh, leadin the band was a man by the name Bobby Byrd 
And his family helped get Brown parolled
After countless shows on the Chitlin Circuit
The Flames agreed and James became lead
Switchin from gospel to R&B
Their first song released was "Please, Please, Please"
Uh, that was '56
Two years later, they had a #1 hit
See they ain't never seen feet that quick
Or the elaborate theatrics that he patented
Like the cape routine, even the way he screamed 
Became a part of his personal trademark {HAOW!!}
But he wasn't nationally known
'Til after he released the Live at The Apollo LP

[*"The Boss" by James Brown plays*]

In '63, but originally
The label didn't see it sellin, they was like, "Why chance, it?"
So he financed, it
And before you knew it, it was gigan-tic
"Paid the cost to be the boss," he said
And later on it became one of his songs, uh
Credited for turnin gospel to soul, then soul to funk
when his band emphasized the One
Had 'em screamin "I'm Black and I'm Proud!"
From old to young, told his people don't hold your tongue
That was '68 in the summer
Before that we were callin each other colored
In '72 the Black leader
Was asked to score the film, Black Ceasar
Which was about Black mobsters and so
In fun they called him the Godfather of Soul
...And he stuck with it
Just tellin you how they came up with it

[*"Blind Man Can See It" by James Brown plays*]

Now with everybody jackin his swagger
From Jackson to Jagger, his influence kept music improvin
Funkmaster, even Elvis wanted his band for back-up
Two times he revolutionized Black music
Then he did it with rap music

[*"Funky Drummer" by James Brown plays*]

They took his grooves, used them as they own
Searchin his songs like siftin for gold
Ironically the nuggets they did chop
Created the Golden Era of hip-hop

[*"The Payback" by James Brown plays]

He ran the whole scene
Had 'em searchin for that James Brown soul like dope fiends
But it wasn't all rosy {HEY!!}
Flattered, but when you don't see proceeds... {You got ta, got ta pay back!}
It pissed him off, {REVENGE!} they would get rich and not hit him off
When it's him that they samplin
He didn't hate rap, he just wanted +Payback+
Like "Damn, I made that!" {I'M MAD!}
But now top of the list is he
The most sampled artist in history
Sampled by nearly every veteran in rap
His mark in Hip-Hop another feather in his cap, uh

The unauthorized biography of James Brown {UH!}
Epilogue... {UH!}
Leavin a legacy of over 115 charted hits, and I believe six children {UH!}
He is considered perhaps the most influencial person in music history {UH!}
Not without flaw, but who is? {UH!}
Deceased December 25th, 2006, the end.
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