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Artist: Shaun Boothe
Album:  Unauthorized Biographies
Song:   Unauthorized Biography of Bob Marley
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[Shaun Boothe]
The unauthorized copy..
Dedicated to the island of Jamacia..
And the family of the deceased
My name Shaun Boothe
Once again, I wanna thank Nas
and I wanna thank everybody else for making this possible

[Chapter 2]
Born Nesta Robert Marley in J-A-M-A-I-C-A
In a small village by the name of Nine Miles
Two slaps on the bottom and he was on his way
Mama only eighteen and his father was a white man thirty-two years her senior
The couple got married but it wasn't too long hed leave her like, "Nice seein ya"
Much like the slave masters who'd chase after
that young black na´ve girl, promising the world
He sang the same song and then he was gone (uh-huh)
Abandoned, little Bobby and his mama, Cedella
So they got up, moved to the city of Kingston to start a new life together
And so they went down, to a government yard in Trenchtown
Some say that it got that name from the open sewer that ran through her
Either way that's where he grew up from then on 
In the slums with the squatters, oddly he grew very fond
But little man had to be strong
'Cause in his day it was a disgrace to be mixed race
So he always had to keep his fists raised
And it wasn't long they would call him Tuff Gong
'Cause word got around, he'd lay you down
And often with da rudebwoys and the shottas he was found
See back then he was still a boy, just tryna fill a void
That his father left when he left
And that's when he met, Joe Higgs
Who taught him how to sing, he released a couple songs
Then he met Peter Tosh, who would teach him the guitar
And they started up a group with another friend Bunny and they dreams were so BIG!!
And that group was called the Wailing Wailers
And in '63 when they first song hit the scene 
They went from nameless, to famous 
And they would quickly be the favorites
Finally there was a voice for the inner-city youth that the people could relate with....uh
Back at Studio One where the songs were made, they never got paid
Plus Bob Marley was going thru change
Searching for where his heart lies
And in '66 he would marry his girlfriend Rita
Key to, his spiritual growth 
She would help to convert him to Rastafari

[*"Rat Race" by Bob Marley plays*]
{Don't involve Rasta in your...say SAY
Rasta don't work for no...C.I.A.}

Uh-huh, so gone were the rudebwoy anthems, and musically 
his new beliefs were fused into every new release
First album was "Catch a Fire" in '72
Wasn't hard to tell he was soon to be
The yardstick, against which, reggae will forever be measured

[*"Exodus" by Bob Marley plays]

A few albums later, Bob Marley and the Wailers
Now internationally known, try and put on a free show back home
For the poor, ravaged by political war, suffering
He was a political force that rivaled the government
And it being election time, they knocked down his door
Gunmen start runnin in and they shot    {Exodus!}
On the eve of the concert, him and his wife, and they dropped
I suppose they were tryna stop the.. {Movement of Jah people}
They had to make it known
Gunsmoke'll fumigate your home
You ain't gonna sway no votes 
Singing songs, away you go {*three gun shots, fourth follows*}


[*"No Woman, No Cry [Live]" by Bob Marley plays]

And he was left for dead, but there were none braver
Then defiantly, two days later
Arm in a sling, he got on stage 
Started to sing, they stood amazed
And he pushed on, millions after millions sold
Transcending all genres, he was healing souls
Then a toe injury from playing football
Turned out cancerous, what was the chance of it?
Still he kept on, he said, "That's how life goes..."
No matter where it stops he was on the right road
And on his last day, laying sick in bed
Mama by his head, this is what he said

{No woman no cry... No wom-an no cry...}

The Unauthorized Biography of Bob Marley
The God reigns forever
Deceased May 11th, 1981
The end..
Next chapter: Muhammad Ali