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Artist: RZA f/ Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, Raison the Zoo Keeper, Two On Da Road, U-God
Album:  You Can't Stop Me Now (S)
Song:   You Can't Stop Me Now (Remix)
Typed by: ShaolinSoldier#36, Cno Evil

[Intro: Raekwon (12 O'Clock) {Prodigal Sunn} ]
You got the 300 beard, you seen 300, Killa?
That nigga right there.. {Get that shit off, man, ya'll niggas smoke}
(Yo hold on, hold on, chill out, chill out
I think that them little niggas right here, G)
{Who, who?} They poke, look, at the light
Them gritty ass niggas from around Louis
{Oh shit, yeah, seen them niggas about 1960}
(Yo, P, hold the belt, then get the block Killa right now)
Get the top, let's go get the top (word up)
(Yo, Rah, yo, Rah)  (It's 12, it's 12)
(Hurry up, open the door) 
(I need the ratchet, them niggas is downstairs right now)
(I think that's them niggas that pull up to the light yo)
(Come on, P, come on, open the door, open the door, open the door)
{Tear these niggas, the fuck up, son}
 Peace, God
(Stay next to the gate, stay next to the gate) {I got you, son}
{I got my eye on them niggas} (Aight, I got 'em, I got 'em)
(I load the shit up, I got it) {you ready?}
(Don't worry about it, them niggas don't got nothing on us, right now)
{Now around the window, sun, you got us} (I got it, don't worry, I got it)
(I'mma kill these niggas right now) {Cock back the ratchet, here we go, here we go)
(Let them niggas turn around) {Man, fuck that, I'mma get 'em for his pockets)
(Move to the left, move to the left, sun) {Make sure, you get his pockets}
(Yo, get by the car, man, shelter, nigga)  {Let these niggas have it, man}
(You ready, P? Yo, this is what it is!) *gunshots*
(For your punk ass, nigga, I told you we was coming to get your ass, nigga)
(You ain't know what it was?) {Look at your niggas, they dead, man}
(Yeah) {you the only nigga, what's up, shut the fuck up, nigga}
(Yo, Po'fer, sun, police man, police is coming, let's get the fuck to the car)
(Let's go to the car) {Get the keys man, I got this, I'm out, yo, where Rae Rae at, man}
(Yo, man, these niggas got me! Yo!) {Damn, oh shit}
(Yo, speed up, nigga) {Slow down, slow down, I'm out man}
(You doing 90, nigga!) {I'm out, man}
{Man, fuck that, son, you shot niggas, man, I'm out}
(Keep it moving, man...)

Yo, hit the Wu phone, call for back-up
Another worker, just got snatched up
Down on my last buck, now I"m bout to spaz out
Woman got mad, keyed the Range Rover, scratched up
Lost the re-up, now I'm paying catch up
Three strikes are bad luck, now I'm padlocked
Jammed up, the jury stood up, judge slammed the hammer
Five years straight of hard time in Alabama
State pen, where the walls close in
Behind gates of iron, a hundred and eight men
Lit steel plates, in the shower, they rape men
The system designed, just to break men

[Chorus 2X: The Whatnauts "Message from a Black Man" sample w/ ODB sample]
No matter how hard you try, you can't stop me now
No matter how hard you try, you can't stop me now

[Interlude: Raison the Zoo Keeper]
Nothing can stop me right now, damn
You know how that shit go, nothing ain't gon' stop me
Cuz I'mma keep on moving and that's how it's gonna go
You know, nothing... you lost your mind?
Ain't nothing gon' stop or slow me now, I'mma keep it moving, son
Forever, I'mma keep on moving
Letting you know, that's how I keep moving
Cuz ain't nothing gon' stop me, ain't nothing gon' stop me, man
Think this is? What you thought it was?

The greatest B-Boy of all time, started from small crimes
While others had big tops I was slingin' small dimes
Tryin' to make the come up, the blow used to numb up
A few G's a week, my click used to sum up
Till my brother got locked up, my girl got knocked up
My closest homies each, got popped up and shot up
And cops flood the block, no way to eat
So I dropped a half a G on a rented SP
1200 Sampler, and a Yamaha Four-Track
The bass from the lab used to blow the fuckin' door back
While Ghost was doin' stick-ups, tryin' to make a vic' up
Waitin' outside for the Brinks truck to pick up
Nothing would work, so we back to choppin' nicks up
Givin' grown ass women two vials for a dick suck
When I was stressed I would head to the rest
Then the pads on the SP-12 got pressed
Makin' beats for the streets, so the family could eat
In '93, Wu-Tang Clan dropped their first LP
We went platinum, *whoo-peesh*, yeah we flatten 'em
Pockets got fat and um, went and got Capp' and 'em
Staten's on the map and um, Brooklyn Zu is bombin' 'em
All around the world, Killa Beez start swarmin' 'em
You can't stop us, you can't block us
Rock us or mock us, knock us or top us
Better sit back and watch us...

[Chorus 2X]

[Interlude: Raison the Zoo Keeper]
What you think, ya'll was gonna stop us?
Ain't nothing gon' slow us down, we gon' keep on moving
That's how we do, what you thought, huh?
I don't know what you losing in ya mind
You sleep, huh, you thought about it, It can never go down like that
Cuz ain't nothin' gon' stop us, never
Never, ain't gon' never stop, we gon' keep it moving like that
We gon' keep doing it like that, we gon' keep building like that
Ain't nothing stopping me, right now, right now, what
Ain't nothing stopping us now, you know what it is

[Inspectah Deck]
Can't stop me man...
No matter how hard, you better go hard
So hard, if you gonna try and stop me now
I be ruckus to rhythm like the blocks be wild
Bad enough I got the cops tryin' to lock me down
Can't nobody break my stride or shake my pride
Without a homicide, case and trial
It's a long time comin', long nines bustin'
Cradle to the grave I be on my grind hustlin'
Sometimes when I think about it, have my mind buggin'
The shit that I been through, things that I've seen
The chicks that I ran through, places I've been
I'm a victim of the very song I sing
That's how it is in the heart of it, most want no part of it
Some will soothe the pain through booze and narcotics
I'mma hold my head, stay true to where my heart is
Either you pay with your life, or you pay dues and homage

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Raison the Zoo Keeper]
I don't think so, son, this is how it's going down
Ain't nothing stopping us now, you know what it is
This is the truth, this is the real, son
We add on, we born, and we gon' keep it going like that
Cuz ain't nothing gon' stopping you
And the Zoo Keeper, letting ya'll know
Ain't nothing gon' stop us, I don't give a fuck how long you gon' try
I don't care, what or who you get
What you do, what, forever, ya'll know what it is
Ain't nothing gon stop, ain't nothing gon' stop
We gon' keep it rolling like that
That's how we do it, know what I'm saying?
I ain't laying down for nobody, know what I'm saying?
If I can't do it, then it ain't gon' get down
That's how it go down, that's how we gon' do it like that
Cuz we gon' keep it moving like that, ain't nothing stopping us
Ain't gon' nothing ain't gon' never stop us
Ya'll know what it is, ya'll better act like ya'll knew
Forever, this is forever, this is how we keep it rolling
Knowhatimsaying, we got that energy, we got that spirit
We got that Godly walk in us, knowhatimsaying
My brother Jesus walked down the street every day with me
Feel me? Ain't nothing gon' stop us, ain't nothing gon' stop us
Ain't nothing gon' stop us, we gon' keep it moving like that