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Artist: RZA
Album:  Which Way Is Up (S)
Song:   Which Way Is Up
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: RZA]
Why guess? Live in effect...
The Prince Rakeem...

Now once was this boy, by the name of Michael
He was the type of brother who did like to
Rob and steal, wheel and deal
Even kill, just to get a meal
But he didn't eat, bread and meat
Instead he fed his head with get hot treats
Fifteen years old, strong young blood
Who didn't say no, when it came to drugs
Clarence never taught him, so he bought 'em
Til one day, his father caught him
Thus he was thrown, out of his home
A young black youth, out on his own
From many shelters, he was kicked
Now he lives like a derelict
In the gutter, I said the brother is stuck
Acting the question, which way is up

[Interlude: RZA]
Which way is up? Can anybody tell me?
Which way is up?

Now Mary, Mary on the contrary
She was a girl who was extraordinary
Every day she went to the library
Hanging out, was secondary
Strapped in the back, her look was dope
Reputation clean like a bar of soap
Seventeen, a virgin queen
Church going girl if you know what I mean
But her best friend Lynn, was full of sin
Been having sex since the age of ten
Influenced Mary, within a year
Had her shoplifting and disappeared to where
And they arranged her, put into her ear
Mary soon forgot all about what to wear
Increased her speed, doesn't we
But in bed, she loved to smoke weed
Her reputation, is now filthy
Neighborhood hooker, feeling rather guilty
Keep smoking a blunt, scratching her butt
Asking the question, which way is up?

[Interlude: RZA]
Which way is up? Yo, yo
Which way is up? Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
Which way is up? Yo, you over there, yo-yo-yo
Which way is up?

[Outro: RZA]
So once again, the pen is mightier than the sword
Prince Rakeem strikes... never hitting below the belt
So you get stuck, and struck with bad luck
Ask yourself which way is up... 1990... Rakeem saying peace...
Saying peace...