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Artist: RZA
Album:  Taking Heads Off (S)
Song:   Taking Heads Off
Typed by: Cno Evil

Right or wrong, weak or strong, I ask who all can come
Take place and face number one
If you thinking that I'm lip synching
You're mistaken, become awaken
As I make and break, but take my time
To rhyme, and infiltrate your mind
When it's allowed, I push through the crowd
Bag a girl, then walk out proud
Some surround me, others crown me
And girls with water, they try to drown me
But they not, plus, I'm a good swimmer, and a born winner
The most known, who don't postpone
And strip M.C.'s of crown and throne
Have 'em blown away by a cyclone
On the microphone, yea, the mic, it makes me that type
I max, relax, plus get hype
Won't twitch, or switch, but yet I will
Walk the block, like a cop whose out to kill
Enemies, in my own territory, so watch out for me
But could you ever get far from Rakeem Allah?
Heck, nah, baby pa... uh-uh... no way Jose
Don't play, because I'm out to slay
Any M.C. who gets in my way
But today, M.C.'s is D-Day
That means doomed, so build a tomb
And wait for the boom, I'm taking heads off

[Interlude: RZA]
I'm taking heads off, I'm taking heads off!
I'm taking heads off, so protect ya neck, kid...
I'm taking heads off...

Now have you ever, ever, ever, ever, heard a style this clever
No, you never, never, never, never, never, never, I got my act together
I'm the iller, dealer, blood spiller, the graveyard filler
Who bless the microphone like no other
Better known as a live brother
I chop those, who try to smoke me
Took they heads off and used them as trophies
It might seem that I'm down right mean, or a killing machine
But lyrical broad, and thoughts I be installing
Have you thinking the sky is falling
Beat smart and start departing
Know now snakes can enter my garden
I-I-I-I-I don't play that jack, so-so, step back mack
Cuz I react like a rhyming bomber
Flow like a knight, in shining armor
Ducks, who wanna beat Rakeem
Pinch yourself and wake from the dream
I'm too strong, I can't be penetrated
You'll be eliminated, on the battlefield, I pity no man
Chop so many heads, you might think I'm Conan
But I consider myself to be iller
I'm more like Jack, the giant killer
So quit it, instead of thinking
That you can win, cuz you dead and stinking
You're too soft, so break north
You just loss... I'm taking heads off

[Outro: RZA]
I'm taking heads off... yo, I'm taking heads off...
Rakeem Allah... is taking heads off...
Knowhatimsaying? So yo.. just protect ya neck
Knowhatimsaying? I'm in full effect, coming with a sharp sword
That's my vocals chords, cuz Rakeem is the lord
So applaud, if you can afford, and keep ya tapes on record
Yeah... and if I may say... I wanna give a shout out to all the Gods
Funky president Melquan and Shabazz, Unique Ason
Knowhatimsaying? The Genius of Rap, Shallah Raekwon
My man Shaquan, my brother Divine, King Shabazz
King Sun and Shaboo, Queen Nefertiti in the place to be
My man Jerry G. and grime is in full effect
Can't forget the Posse of the REC, known as the D.M.D.
With the God U-G, and my name muthafuckin'
Super Doopa Party Looper, Hoopa Hoopa, O.G.
Knowhatimsaying? And whoever else I forgot, forget 'em
Etcetcera, etcetcera, no one could be better
Knowhatimsaying? We got the names in the game and the fame
Where like Each B., and Doug Love and Butter and all those others
Brothers, and so forth, and wiz and the wisdoms is on my shit..