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Artist: RZA f/ Vincent Gallo, Thea Van Seijen
Album:  Something I Want (For Real) (S)
Song:   Something I Want (For Real)
Typed by: Cno EVil

[Intro: RZA]
Turn my shit up

[Chorus: Thea Van Seijen, Vincent Gallo]
Got to show me, what you told me
Only me, for real
Love me, touch me, hug me, for real
Don't kill you, love me, for real
I just, need you, to be, for real

Hocus pocus, yo, it's Osmosis
One kiss from your dosage, got me, pyschosis
Love me, touch me, hug me, for real
I just want you to be for real
Show me what you tell me, now we sipping cold Belve'
And we up inside the telly, roll of jelly's on your belly
And that sweat upon your pillow, Bobby all inside your middle
This bitch got me flipping like hot cakes on the griddle
And that glass on the rocks, with a splash of the Scotch
And a dash of the salt, put the lime on the top
Like lime in the coconut and drink it all up
It's that crystal clear Belvedere so soak it all up


[Hook: Thea Van Seijen, Vincent Gallo]
You've got, something I want, something, for real
I can't, let go, of you, for real

Bza-bza Bobby always be where the party be
Love Jones, like Barnaby
Elegant prestigious style of Sean Connery
Shake and not stirred, we all move in harmony


Bars worth a million dollars, diamond links around the collar
Silver spoon in my mouth, make a dollar when I holler
B-O-B-B-Y, Digital, mystify
Ain't no space or time, that we don't occupy
Wu-Tang be the Clan, Killa Bee, til we die

[Thea Van Seijen]
I just, need you, to be, for real