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Artist: RZA f/ The Reverend William Burk, Vincent Gallo
Album:  Something I Want (For Real) (S)
Song:   Something I Want (For Real) (Premix)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Vincent Gallo]
You've come to show me, what you told me
I be on it... for real
Love me, touch me, love me, for real
If, if you, love me, for real
I just, need you, to be, for real

[Chorus: Vincent Gallo]
You've got something I want, for me, for real
I can't, let go, of you, for real

[Vincent Gallo]
I'll completly love you, tightly
Trapped up, for real
For real...
Deeply, closely, for me, for real
For real, love me, touch me, love me


Hocus pocus, yo, it's osmosis
One kiss, your doses got, me psychosis
Show me, touch me, need you, the real...

[The Reverend William Burk]
Tell you, doing magical spells, it's the words of the midwest
In the temple with The Abbott doing God's best, we most blessed
Highly fed, but amongst the rest
I'll never die, cuz I don't believe in death
No, we in the business where the billionaires'll rest

[Vincent Gallo]
For real, I just need, need you, to be, for real
You've got, something I want