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Artist: RZA f/ Free Murda
Album:  Neva (S)
Song:   Neva
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: RZA]
Yo, exclusive (exclusive)
(I'm inside the muthafuckin' refrigerator)
J.. J-Love

Yo, it makes no sense
Why the fuck is y'all niggaz so dense?
Tryin' to jump the fence
You tryin' to make a dollar out of 15 cents
Like this nigga Flint, he had no fuckin' sense
Tryin' to disrespect the Prince, make a hit like Bucky Dent
Money clip clenched, all his dollars and cents
Wouldn't give a dime to a wench
Even though catchin' CREAM was a sinch
From still penny pinch on the park bench
Holdin' his nine inch tight as a wrench
Bent til' his eye squint
FZA-FZA-FZA-Flusty from the dust, you could smell the stench
Money green CREAM from wintergreen mints
Spent his time in limosines, slightly tint'
Wherever he went, cause an incident
With 10 henchmen jumpin' outta doors, suspension Lincoln
Ready for lynchin' any competition, thinkin'
They could catch him while he be drinkin'
Big niggaz be shrinkin' when he come through
A major player, said he was the Alpha and Omega
But still slipped the 40 ounce from the local bodega
Wait...wait, this fucka, Money Talk like Chris Tucker
Bitch stuck a shoe game like Miss Rucker

[Chorus 2X: RZA]
Never give your gun to a friend
Cuz he'll never bring it over again
Never leave your ho alone
With your dog, cuz he might try to bury his bone

[Free Murda]
What's this O talk about, she used to have blocks
I don't wanna hear about ya man crack spots
I don't wanna hear about that van with black glocks
About 102 of us like the dogs wit' the black dots
Better keep ya mind and ya hand on that stashbox
We rolled up with more cars than that Matchbox
Pop one right in ya chat box, niggaz don't wanna gatbox
They wan' chatbox, my gat cocked
Have niggaz takin' up back blocks
Can't walk through the middle cuz they talk just a little
Too much, niggaz want more than a little
That's too much, for a draw, send a dog to his kennel
He boozed up, like a plumber, keep my tools up
I'm icy, the R.L. Stine, I got the Goosebumps
Got hit in the head, that's how he dumbfounded
Got hit so much he thought he was surrounded
Now I'm loungin', been had them thousands
Free stack more bricks than a project housin'
My guns make Five Hearts Beat, like Robert Townsend
I be 5 cars deep, right in ya town, son
Talkin' all slick 'til I send that kite
He ain't "Three's Company", pumpin' Nicks at Nite
We ain't need company, we got chicks at night
Niggaz need company cuz we got fifths at night (blaow!)

[Chorus 2X]