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Artist: RZA f/ Black Knights, Thea Van Seijen
Album:  Killa Beez Til Ya Die (S)
Song:   Killa Beez Til Ya Die
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Doc Doom]
Yeah, yeah, Crisis the Sharpshooter
Black Knights, West Coast Wu-Tang Killa Bee Gang
Bob Digital, yeah, we going head hunting
Ahh, yo, the swag, nigga, yeah, yeah, check it

[Chorus 2X: Thea Van Seijen]
Raise your flag in the sky
Killa Beez til you die

[Doc Doom]
I flip flows, do shows, change hoes like new clothes
Flip bricks and count chips, pour licks and do lows
Shoot dice, late night, chase liquor with more liquor
We go getters, roll wit a team of cold hitters
Weed splitters, talk shit, up goes the zipper
Body bag, toe tagging, but now who gets the picture?
We don't play that, dumb fuck, young buck, you numb nut
Dump trucks, get swiss cheesed the fuck up
For talking that shit, and not walking that shit
I get the, barking at clip, like a marksman that flip
It's like a death wish for you to step to this, mic analyst
Dismantle shit with tombs of doom like mad pianolists
The best in this, whole rap game, no need to search no more
The Black Knights'll turn any session into a murder show
Murder flow, rap combat lyrics of fury
My rap's too sick, you can't cure me

[Rugged Monk]
RZA fucked up, gave me a beat, I can really touch
I'm too much, 36 styles, a Rugged Cobra Clutch
Black Knights, nigga, that's what's up, don't get it twisted
Speak specific nigga, straight to the point
Tearing grissles, from the pistols and lift it, feel the straight hollow points
But that's nothing, you fronting, if you ever say you serving ma
A nubian possession, feel bad, come and test it
And guess it, been blessed with the essence of 120 Lessons
So I think at a speed, that'll seek the slow of fog
All that talk you been doing gon' get you outlined in chalk
Starting something you can't finish, when your heart ain't really in it
You don't really want it, speaking my name, that ain't the business
I'm cold vicious with the word, like marksmen with the AK
Feed off the hate, and all that bullshit he say she say
Knock it off, kill the noise, you don't wanna see my boys
Coming in them Tonka trucks, letting off the big toys

[Chorus 2X]

Holy jeez, yo, it's me, I stole the golden fleece
Under nose of police, I smile with golden teeth
Keep packs of Digi Snacks in an unknown address
A remote location, can't be found on your MapQuest
House of Flying Daggers, New York walkin' swagger
Bitch, you taking a fall like Niagara
I write til my pencil tip break, my penmanship is equipped
To say, muthafuck the censorship
Holy moly, shorty on my wrist lilke a role'
Keep cheese stuffed in my pocket like a fat ravioli
The rhyme doctor hover the city, in the helicopter
Lyrics start to scroll in my brain like a teleprompter
Making paper, making babies, bza Bobby
Making bitches into ladies, bza Bobby
Make her suck a dick and die, forty five lick the sky
Fool don't let this shit fly, split right between your eye
Hunt them like that little split slit in between your thighs
Sitting on my nine apple head, bitch, let it ride
Hickory dickory, block niggas is slippery
Glock stuffed down my sock, it's secures the victory
Bobby Bobby Bobby, Digi Digi Digi
So gritty, roll wit the Killa Bee committee

[Chorus 2X]