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Artist: RZA
Album:  It's Murdah (S)
Song:   It's Murdah
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: RZA]
Uh-oh... sounds like Rakeem is back in town...
Yeah... it's gonna be a lot of trouble for all you cornballs out there
I'm causing murder... this is called "Murder He Wrote"
Like homicide, bloodshed, all that stuff, this is that..
I'mma bust it out... old style...

I locks it on, and I'm on, and on, on and on
Like Ricochet Rabbit and who? Droop-A-Long
So one-two, here's a funky freaky song
Spoke by a brother, who technique is strong
Many shall come, few shall be chosen
Blessed with the skills, of funky rhymes flowing
I guess I'm the best, with my style I manifesting
Lyrics, that came your chest in
Testing-testing, microphone's checking
Enough checking, it's time to start wrecking
Posses and groups, who seem to be souped
Up like Campbell's, how low could you stoupe
Oopsy, daisy, you must be crazy
If you think your rap style can phase me
Cease the back beat, you won't succeed
I damage ya head, until your ears bleed
The international freaky flower
So legit, I make ya throw a fit
So quit, and stop, submit
You can't benefit, because I'm infinite
Your rhymes are counterfeit, nah they distance
That reflects on your mental ignorance
I grab the mic with five fingers of death
Know you can't fuck with me, save your breath
And the word is, suckas getting murders
Because they know their techniques are worthless
I'm in control, plus I got soul
So pass me the butter, cuz I'm on a roll
Throughout New York, I'm known to stalk
I leave my footprints, in the center of the sidewalk

Yeah... yeah... and this is murder...
Murder, murder... and this is murder...

I'm entertaining, banging, funky rhyme slinging
Changing slang, at the same time bringing
An edible, incredible, style that's unforgottable
Grows like a vegetable, you know I'm sweatable
So sweat it, but don't let it haunt you
Of course it don't force you, sweat cause you want to
Could hear my rhymes, admit that you love 'em
Break to make a tape, and high speed dub 'em
I cause massacre to those that blabber
Make 'em disappear, like abracadabra
Who end their career, because I'm the engineer
Rap pioneer, on a new frontier
And if I may say, on a foul day, a wild day
Learning M.C.'s, to me, ya'll simply child's play
So let's play, rap and seek
And see who could freak, the best technique
Peek-a-boo, I see you, your ass is through
My rhymes start to screw, like black taboo
I don't deal with voodoo, or lyrical witchcraft
I spellbound a brother, who kick the riff-raff
This is just a rough draft of rapping
Made by a brother, who stayed on Staten
Island, with my funky style I'm styling
Although some may say, that we're soft and smiling
If we smiling, then our fronts are shining
Blunts are being passed and the Gods are rhyming
Calm, casual, cool and collective
Cuz we learned being smooth is respected
Come in peace but maintain your stimulation
Staten Island, is the home of Recreation

[Outro: RZA]
And this is murder... murder, murder, murder...
Yeah, and this is murder...
The Prince Rakeem Allah, yeah, I'm a murderer...
Funky President Melquan... yeah, he's a murderer...
To the brother Shaquan, ah yeah, the God, he's a murderer...
And Shallah Raekwon, yeah, yeah, another murderer...
Ason and the Genius.. ooh, both, they are murderers...
And to the brother Each B... Each B... yeah, he's a murderer..
Yo... you can't forget Mr. Free... Mr. Free.. another murderer...
And the biggest murderer of them all...
Be the God Divine... my physical brother... cold murderer...