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Artist: RZA f/ The Reverend William Burk
Album:  From the Slumz (S)
Song:   From the Slumz
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: RZA]
Yeah, yeah, a special guest appearance
From the slums.... yo, aiyo

Aiyo, bitches wanna rape me, suck me off, and tape me
Jakes wanna chase me, lock me up and place me
Behind bars, exec's wanna lace me
With billion dollar deals, then skyscrapers like Spacely
With flying cars, hoping maybe
I forget about the babies, and the torture of the slavery
And sign off, on the papers that they gave me
Which would only be used to exploit and degrate me

[The Reverend William Burk]
We sippin' crystal clear aqua, and minagua
Nicaragua, my palabra's in my casa
Make my body hard as armor
Me and RZA flow like water, and do it for the honor
To achieve perfect karma, and ponder the wonder of God
Touch, tabernacle, Adam made the devil's apple
Son, we in the myst of battle, when Lucifer's snitches tattle
The darkest angels of Babyl', we riding horses saddles
Enemies on backs of camels, shooting ammo, can you handle?

Supreme deluxe edition, CREAM with a touch of wisdom
Beams that through up the system, spleens, I conduct, you listen
How you gonna tell me no, yo, the fuck you is in
Locked in a four block radius like a public prison
Twenty two year old, dunn, ain't got a cup to piss in
But he got a barrel gun, and that's knuckle twitching
And he got a baby moms and a cousin bitching
Went to catch a body, now he stuck in another prison

[The Reverend William Burk]
Six devils warned six demons, who married six witches
We shine like seven from the heavens on down to the trenches
Be wary of snitches, stitches won't even work
After I split your wig, *psht* Reverend William Burk
Sword styles ridiculous, remarkably marvelous
Contesting the Gambinos is preposterous
Known for taking hostages, and torture is your consequence
Son, we rise the prominence, context of continents

I examine your diameter, third eye light the camera up
Be careful, I got four ninjas, inside your parameter
Perimeter, flame burst out all sides like Gamora
My poisonous is released, gas from the canister
Raise the black fist, we keep the earth on it's axis
I make a good day move slow like molasses
Welcome to the bee hive, dual processor with the G5
There's not a tape or disco break I can't revive
In this high tech world of fire wire and microchip
We still keep the four-five clip, filled with the spiral tip

[The Reverend William Burk]
Pimping with a limping gold cane for that
My nigga Booga, who gave up the cocaine for rap
So tell the feds to get off of my phone cassette and I'm trapped
Tell the police cap', that I don't need that
We started off moving that muthafuckin' G pack
And it's the game, well now, we elevate the keys, black
Just place your order, double back, and make them g's stack
But we some certified murder guys, ease back
I don't wanna have to make you Swiss cheese, black
Brrr-rat, it's that crack, that you need, black
Yo, I'm a certified pimp, so fuck you
And I beat you, Jerry Springer...