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Artist: RZA
Album:  Bein' Here With You (S)
Song:   Bein' Here With You
Typed by: X-Calibur, Tha Masta

[Intro: Peace]
Yo Staten Island's First Mix CD
Signed and unsigned hype from The Rock
This is a Brock Brothers Inc. promotion, Day And Night Management
Yo, Bobby holla at 'em

All y'all crab motherfuckers "Wake Up"
Shaolin's First Mixtape right here
You got the great Bobby Bobby Digi Digi inside your city city
Shit ain't pretty pretty, word up po-liggy liggy {"Bein' Here With You"}
We gon' do it like this

We from Gaten Staten
The Rock known to flatten, any cat rattin'
Five minutes from Brooklyn, ten minutes from Manhattan
Home of the fatal guillotine where bullets scream
Down the hallway, some struck hooded teen
Some get lodged up inside the doorway, all day
From Broadway to Jersey Street, drops of burgundy
Po-liggy sirens screech screech, 'Emergency!'
Bitches yellin', other bitches tellin'
Niggas ain't even politicin' right, yellin'
Even though I'm not still there, I feel there
Seein' kids dead in the box or trapped in wheelchairs
New York's seven worst crime zones, it's real there
So many face get chopped, and caps peeled there
Then big Bobby gotta come through like this
In a black Bourbon tank, oh you can bust ya shank
But uh, you can never fuck with me
I be the B to the O to the B-B-Y the D-I-G-I-T-A-L
I'm seein', don't give a fuck what you crab keeps tellin' me
I'm liable to commit this felony, for that bullshit you niggas keep sellin' me

Digi Digi, Digi Digi
Straight up, Shaolin's First Mixtape
I wanna give a mad shoutout to my man Sandy, rest in peace
Respect to all the Gods from Killah Hillz
Staple-Tillz, the Wild Wild West
Now Born, word up to Bloody Harbor
Gaten Staten, The Rock, we call it Shaolin Island
Ain't nuthin' new niggas
Look out for that new Bobby Digital LP coming out soon
We call it Digital Bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet