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Artist: Rex Orange County
Album:  Pony
Song:   Laser Lights
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I might eat breakfast here before I move on
Laser lights all around me when I get the chance to get my groove on
Dancing by myself, I still take my shoes off and ignore it till I feel alright
And I might get restless if I stay for too long
I would up and leave this fucking bullshit if it meant that I could see her
Dancing to the shit that sounds nothing like me, huh?

Dancing to the shit I like
But now I'm losing my speed
Because I'm not the type of person who can handle defeat
And I'll be caught up and confused about what matters to me
Still in the same position, same time next week I'll be losing my speed
For sure
But I don't like it anymore, nah
Losing my, losing my-y

Palm to the face
When we have to speak I usually shoe-gaze
And if I saw you in public I would pretend to tie my shoe-lace
Just so we avoid the "what's up, up, up"
You'll never love me like they do, you'll never love me like she does
You, I could never commit to, I'm too fond of my freedom
I know you're all 'bout the cheques but, boy, I don't need 'em

I think I'll get that myself
Thank you anyway, ah

Said I'm losing my, I'm losing my-y speed