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Artist: The Almighty RSO
Album:  Revenge of Da Badd Boyz EP
Song:   Out on Parole (Time to Flip)
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ Rock ]
Two days after bein let out on parole
After dark in the park, drinkin Olde Gold
Reminiscin back with the pack gettin puffed up
My turn to let it burn, I mean take a puff, when I looked up
Walkin by the bench, the little sucker
That snitch done got me time, and I'm out to get this motherfucker
So yo, I hemmed him up and then I told him, "Don't move!"
"Get down on the ground or be forced by the tool"
Pulled out the Tec, about to wreck him when I taunted
A shot for each year, now where do I want 'em?
Soon as I was just about to squeeze, that's when I heard "Freeze!"
"Drop the gun and down on your knees!"
Turned to look, it was the cops, they had surrounded me
One wants to fuck around, he'll be lettin loose a round in me
Well if you think that your ass is lockin Rock inside a cell again
It's time to flip

(It's time) (the boy's about to flip)