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Artist: The Almigthy RSO
Album:  Doomsday: Forever RSO
Song:   Forever RSO
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[ Raydog Benzino ]
It was 1987, the year we dropped "Notorious", it's all good
We already gettin mad props in our neighborhood
Just then our crew would start to rearrange
We never knew but in just one year our lives would forever change
Shit started goin wrong right before my very eyes
It's so fucked up my nigga Big T had to die
So now the next two months we blazin up this fuckin town
And when Tony Rhome went to jail we were still down

[ Tony Rhome ] 
Fresh up out my cell, back where the drama dwells
And I can see shit done changed in my crew
But the faces I see now are the niggas that stay true
For one year it's been tough but still my troopers made it through
(That's how they do) That's how we do

[ E-Devious ]
And for that year Rhome was locked, me, Jeff and Dog didn't do shit
Didn't write a rhyme, made no music
But never to lose it, still believe in the only thing I know
(What's that?) And aiyo, that's forever RSO

We Rock Shit On
RSO Forever
Yeah, Real Strong Organizations roll together
Forever RSO
We Rock Shit On
RSO Forever
Yeah, Real Strong Organizations stay clever
Forever RSO
We Rock Shit On
RSO Forever
Yeah, Real Strong Organizations don't sever
Forever RSO
We Rock Shit On
RSO Forever
Yeah, and RSO niggas to the death'll stay together

[ E-Devious ]
Now it's '89, and the strength is like a million
And we were so organized you would think we were Sicilian
I had this feelin that we's about to blow
We got Rock, Tommy Boy, plus a dope fuckin stage show

[ Tony Rhome ]
'92, shit still fucked up
Hooked up with Tommy Boy, they tried to play us
But fuck em, we don't need no fuckin favors
They bitched up, switched up over controversial lyrics
When controversy's something my crew lives with

[ E-Devious ]
Got these muthafuckas kickin sand (damn)
We tryina do a show in our own hometown and we gettin banned
'94 down with RCA, we still seein courts
Cause we beat these writers down from The Source

[ Raydog Benzino ]
It seems like everywhere we go a black cloud's floatin by
Our destiny is doomed, but I don't ask why
One thing I do know is my niggas on my team'll have my trust
No snitchin, loyalty's a must

[ Tony Rhome ]
Yeah, so I takes the good with the bad
Through all that bad I've had to take
I'm glad I'm not that type that's quick to break
And call it quits, but I can't quit
Cause I been through too much bullshit
And that goes for the niggas that I runs with

[ E-Devious ]
Yo, I love my team, and I didn't earn my ( ? )
Get burned into a term called partner

[ Raydog Benzino ]
Nah, cause if this shit was gonna end it woulda happened long time ago
A-ah, fuck that, nah, Forever RSO


[ Raydog Benzino ]
Ah yeah
You know this one gotta go out to them niggas up in
Dorchester, Mattapan, Roxbury, South End, Columbia Point, JP
Yeah, to my nigga Trevor Ying-Yang
Yo, and most of all to my nigga Go-Go Dave
See, cause without him none of this would be possible
And yo, the only thing that's gonna stop RSO is RSO