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Artist: Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Success Is Certain
Song:   Security
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Let me tell y'all a story about somebody I feel was a gangster
And that's the very same reason he ain't here with me no more

[Verse 1]
He marched around the corner like a soldier
But not to get no on-the-mic exposure
To question me, I guess he checking me
I'm feelin like I'm looking at my own self in the face
As death's destiny awaits
Us both wearing vests, us both stressed from the same pressures
Us both fucking trainwreck wreckless
Guns whip out, he had a .9, I had a .40
I remember a point in time where he had mine, I had his shorty
And I could cry telling this story
If you can visualize a downtown crowded street
Somebody was eating and saw P pull out his piece
And decided to reach

(Security yeah yeah)
Police rolled up on like 'POLICE FREEZE!'
(Security yeah yeah)
Cuffed us up like nothing
(Security yeah yeah)
Asked us what we got guns for, we told them it's for
(Security yeah yeah)
(Proof this one's for you! I love you dude)


[Verse 2]
He marched up out his house like a soldier, decided to titty-bar it
A lot of alcohol consumption and drug use while out with the city's hardest
Niggas, throwing money up with black face, flicking photos
The only thing he was missing was my nigga Dolo
He decided to leave them and go to an after-hour
After the 4-hour
He act crazier than Scarface after snorting powder
He get into it with this dude, point his piece at him
They say he shot him, problem is I don't believe that
And on the real I only know shots flew
And when the smoke cleared they say he got killed by

(Security yeah yeah)
Shot my nigga like that, that
(Security yeah yeah)
Probably shoulda watched his back
(Security yeah yeah)
It's fucked up, right?
(Security yeah yeah)
(Proof this one's for you! I love you dude)


[Verse 3]
I know y'all seen Beef III
And it probably made you think that I ain't like Shady
The truth is I was at Proof's funeral crying like a baby
I was sitting in the back row
With Vishis, wishing I can go up to Marshall
Denaun, Swifty, Obie, Bizarre, Paul, Levaughn
And say something positive
After all the negative shit that we been through
Thinking we'd talk one day if it was meant to
Reservations about walking up there in getting in the way
It's probably better off to just pray
Thinking my niggas are dying
It was my first time at an over 1000 people funeral with

(Security yeah yeah) R.I.P.
(Security yeah yeah) We love you, P
(Security yeah yeah) R.I.P.
(Security yeah yeah)
(Proof this one's for you! I love you dude)