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Artist: Royce Da 5'9" f/ Travis Barker *
Album:  Success Is Certain
Song:   Legendary
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* Travis Barker plays the drums throughout, no vocals

[Intro: sample]
I'm legendary, leg-legendary
Le-le-legendary, legendary
Leg-I'm legendary, leg-legendary
Le-le-legendary legendary legendary

[Royce Da 5'9"]
The theme song to my supplier, plays in the key of a ki'
I'm like a messiah crossed with "The Wire" wrappin around the "Boardwalk Empire"
Uhh, who brought they Bibles? This the Christ chapter
I'm sick enough to take my life then take yo' life after
Don't take me light or play me light, we two of the same
God melted the Rubik's Cube into fluid and threw it in my intuitive brain
I'm eatin food for movin music in the gratuitous lane
Been through twice, now I'm runnin through it 'til I'm through with the game!
You can find me under a black cloud, I'm a dark star
Only thing I hate worse than a mark, is a marked car
I climb +Mountains+ like Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell
You could put a face with my style it'd be Samuel Cassell's
I switched the fire up like I am a tranny from hell
What I got in my hand right now should remind you of Stanley Burrell
Cause it's the +Hammer+, the cannon, you can dance with the shells
My pet peeve's are granny panties and plannin to fail
I'm a heavyweight - I'm catastrophic when I set it 
like "Fahrenheit 9/11", meditate 'til levees break
I tar and feather featherweights until my 'fetti straight
The mac-11'll crack your melon and give yo' ass spaghetti face
Uhh, you ever looked inside some dyin eyes?
You'll see surprise and realize there's no denyin God
When was the last time that you heard that the iron tried?
Ryan vibes like cyanide, I am proud
to say that I've evolved, there's only one I in "defyin odds"
Small time arrogance parishes every time in giant pride
Who y'all respect is probably cross-dressin
Your favorite MC could probably find hisself vibin to my "Lost Sessions"
I'm legendary

[Chorus: Royce - singing]
Now everybody wanna believe me
But they don't really know what's in my heart
This time around is startin to feel easy
My enemies startin to fall down
(I'm legendary, leg-legendary, le-le-legendary)
My enemies startin to fall down
(I'm legendary, leg-legendary, le-le-legendary legendary)
Fall down, I'm legendary

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I got my noodles intact
You want support of Detroit rap niggaz can Google this gat
Cause we the reason why you eatin, we put the food on the map
Right where the Mitten is and you ain't do jack
Just who we kiddin here? This here's a different year, so you shouldn't assume
that I'm tryin to measure up to you when I tell you the ruler is back
In fact, as far as you new kids, what have you did?
I know that I burnt some bridges in the past but I'm happy to say that I built a new bridge
As far as killin I'm forever willin and ready
I will make my children's peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a machete
Uhh, you married the streets then we will kill at your wedding
Tell every guest at your reception they gon' get more than just hit with confetti
Uhh, now your bitch a believer; you know what you get 
when you mix a bumblebee with a lamb? You get the 'ghini I'm sittin in
Ridin through Pittsburgh while I'm listenin to Wiz Khalifa
"Black and Yellow", the blunt to joint, uh, here's the reefer
One minute you tough, one minute you shook
I know, I learned awhile ago to hide power from you I should just put it in a book
You illiterate parasites, I kill you every time
Throw a nigga body around the room, have a nigga lookin like Jamiroquai
And yes I, am a firm believer
that the naked truth looks 100 times better than the best dressed lie
And while you niggaz is hatin, I wonder is God really an atheist
He made me the same temperature as his nemesis Satan!
Y'all need to repent cause y'all been imitatin
A statue of me to you is a statute of limitations
You backwards as me and a feminist datin
Let's tally the sales like Gladys and Patti LaBelle, I'm a big wig
My straw's in the hole of a volcano, I'm havin a big swig


I'm legendary, legendary, legendary
(I'm legendary)
I'm legendary, legendary, legendary...
(I'm legendary)