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Artist: Royce Da 5'9" f/ Big Sean, Mr. Porter
Album:  Street Hop (Deluxe Edition)
Song:   My Own Planet
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[Mr. Porter]
Let's go!
I'm just playin, I'm just playin wit y'all niggaz...
Let's go!
I'm just playin wit y'all niggaz
Mr. Porter!

[Intro: woman]
Dear hip-hop
I thought hip-hop was supposed to be a means of poetically expressing yourself
But it seems these days you'd say anything to get your CD's off the shelf
Hard times I am still compelled to move
But I swear to you it's that, old school groove
that's playin above the lyrics
Because if the music wasn't there, I definitely wouldn't hear it...

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Uhh, right off the rip nobody could fuck with me
I'm out of space, mind and body, my soul and so on (so on)
Mami I'm fly is an understatement
Come to greatness

[Chorus: Mr. Porter - singing]
I'm on my own planet, I'll do my own thing
Then turn around and pat myself on the back, for doin good
I don't need nobody else, I'm gon' do it by myself
Say what you wanna say but stick to the facts, it's all good
It's all good

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Right off the rip nobody is quite like me
You gon' need a NASA spacecraft to sight me
If you don't like me bite me
I could give a fuck-less, fightin excites me
Leanin on the moon with a Patrón fifth playin my own shit
And I sound terrific
I'm not cocky, I'm beyond that
It's time to start another hobby, I'm beyond rap
Run and tell your baby daddy and your son Ray
I'm hot, I sunbathe on the sun babe
I'm the one on the one-way
Head from pretty long legs from the runway
My nigga Notty is a genius
You gon' need a ladder just to climb on my penis
Got two words for the rap game
Fuck y'all!


[Royce Da 5'9"]
Right off the rip you thought it was a wrap for me
Didn't you? Go on 'head and admit it hater
Cold as ice, I'm a livin refrigerator
The reason hip-hop's breathin the defibrillator
I did a bid just for drunk drivin
It never happen again cause now I'm drunk flyin
I'm a innovator
When I say I'm on Venus I don't mean that I'm datin the tennis player
I'm on Saturn where you don't matter
Alone, I'm past the zone where your phone scatters
(Hello?) Can you hear me now?
You don't got a fuckin choice
I elbowed my way into e'rybody conversations
with rhymin, timin and patience, now I'm in space bitch
I used to have to be on some "watch what I say" shit
But now you gotta TAKE IT!


[Big Sean]
Boy, I'm a cool ass nigga bitch, B-I

Right off the rip his respect is demanded
Sittin on y'all so you can't understand it
I back a bitch down like a nigga chiropractic
Back in this bitch like I'm puttin on a jacket
Mission impossible for feelin all my tactics
Boy, until I'm fillin up a casket
You know, I think I'll have the soufflé
Mr. Big Shot, Russian Roule'
My neck look like +Water Boy+, where's Bobby Bouchet?
Bitches jump for me and I'll knock the bouquet
(Hoo-ray) Ha, I used to ride up in the putt-putt
Now I rolls in the green, Tiger Wood putt putts
Your girl used to be my bus slut
Fuck my truck up cause I'm fuckin Tiger's sluts, yup!
... So hold your girl close
She scream B-I-G like she recognize a ghost
Fuck with me, yup