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Artist: Royce Da 5'9" f/ Trick Trick
Album:  Street Hop
Song:   Gangsta
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[Intro: Trick Trick]
You goddamn right, nigga
This a no fly zone
I ain't no motherfucking teacher so I ain't got no god damn parents
You niggas better get permission, bitch

[Verse 1: Royce Da 5'9"]
I'm from the motherfucking D, nigga
Home of the hit-man, murder mitten, bleed nigga
If you a rapper, I diss your ass
Then get mad at you for getting mad at me
Then when I see you, I'll flip your ass
It's quite easy, this whole clip is for your whole motherfucking family
It's even for grammy like Weezy
Beef is familiar, I ain't trying to give your ass no goosebumps
I'm tryna to make you feel like I'm bout to
Jump through your fucking speakers and kill you
I'm one word, truest
I'm P. Diddy's go-to guy recording at the lab Yung Berg's shoe is
Niggas'll ride for you if you ride for you and
They see it, I got an AK that I come at you and HD it
I don't play that shit
Show me a target, I'll spray that shit motherfucker

[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9"]
I keep it (gangster)
Long as I'm alive, I'mma keep it (gangster)
(Can you feel my trigger hand?)
It's whatever, my nigga, Say whatever, my nigga
Go wherever, my nigga, just keep it (gangster)
And long as they alive, they gonna keep it (gangster)
(Can you feel my trigger hand?)
It's whatever, my nigga. Go wherever, my nigga

[Verse 2: Royce Da 5'9"]
This is shooter music, I don't need to verbalize it
We play the drums with the K's, I know that you heard us vibin'
My auto-matic's faster, stronger
Play the drums the size of Kanye's mullet in that Aston
Onto fatigue, You ain't dead wrong make you wronger
It's me, the best out, as far as passes
I'm like Maino, my nigga, you can be as diplomatic
As you wanna, professional as you wanna
It's gonna still get gangsta cause you fresh out
Go ask, I take your baby mama shopping
No she ain't worth 50 cents just to get at your ass
I'm so petty, any beef I'm so ready
Now you trying kick it like you trying to go steady
Trying to build a motherfucking relationship
Niggas dissing and kissing and making up, I hate that shit


[Interlude: Trick Trick]
Oh, Royce, you know what's fucked up?
Now we gotta make offers that these bitch ass niggas can't refuse
See, these niggas think they can buy respect
They never even earned respect
They never learned respect
So from here on out, Detroit is officially a no fly zone
You heard it, all these bitch ass niggas
Don't come to this motherfucker without permission
Please don't make me have to demonstrate
It's not about attention
It's about the seriousness of what you bitch ass niggas think is a fucking joke
Y'all wanna play? I'm not fucking playing, man
I'm not fucking playing, man, okay