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Artist: Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Layers
Song:   Wait
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[Royce Da 5'9"]
Bein feared goes farther than any part of me havin respect does
So I play to the tune of my own eardrum
While I'm out on my +Quest love+
I don't speak on behalf of myself but, my impeccable rep does
Christmas morning I remember wakin up wishin I could just go to sleep
Cause we only got like, two toys apiece
I asked my pops did he do more for me?
He said "Yes, I got you clothes and heat, and let you keep a whole two rows of teeth"
Ha, I'm royalty; I took whoopings, I took losses but no defeats
Done been dropped and been shelved with no release
Been in jail, no commissary or relief
But God looks over me, like a cross and rosary
Rifle in hand, I let niggaz have it, I won't hesitate
Sprites, only cans in the cabinet, Section 8
My son got on them 350 boots Kanye West, is dressed in Bape
Askin me questions 'bout gettin to second base
Uhh, wifey textin SMH
House phone ringin off the hook, conference calls from record labels, guess I'm late
But, my other son's autistic, he wants my attention
This might just be my definin moment, let them wait!

[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9"]
It's my time now nigga, let them wait
Pick up the phone, tell 'em hold, let them wait
Old friends comin to they senses tryna reconcile after I fell out with 'em
But FUCK them niggaz, let them wait!

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Wait, I'm here for that green, for that mula
You scheme I see right through ya, I'm regal like Akeem father King of Zamunda
One thing's for sure I think they do know
That me and Porter and Jake Uno, we don't play no games, no we play sumo
We attempt to flatten, interactin with all these average flaccid defenseless rappers
I have no problem killin like synth assassins
They temper's bad when my temper's graphic
They hide or they fly while I'm high and flyer, I'm intergalactic, I've been spectacular
Flippin like I invented spatulas
My lyrics is futuristic, I'm in here with my vintage ratchet with prints and scratches
My mental actually incapacitates fast as my passion
And pen surpasses my Aston and leave a skid row in the street like I'm into smackin
I fill my engine with acid
with my finger wrapped around a hair-trigger that resembles lashes
I get into bitches quick and then I get distracted
I'm like the stock market, just like that, my interest crashes
Like a cymbal, my symbol should be expensive glasses
She with me, she a afro-centric nympho chick with a ass did
Uh, she callin me back-to-back for a second date
While my ex is callin for make-up-dick, let them wait!
Money all over the ground like Scotty from New Jack City, I weapon wave
Everybody step away
They said that we should go our separate ways
in high school, now they wanna jump the line at my shows, let them wait!
My whole life they pressured me, let them wait
You rushin me you rushin excellence, let them wait
Police in my rear-view mirror with they sirens on
but I'ma call my lawyer first 'fore I pull over, let them wait!