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Artist: Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Layers
Song:   Shine
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[Chorus One: Royce - singing]
Just shine your light on the world
Said shine your light on the wo-o-orld
No matter anywhere you go, keep
shining your light on the world (zagga)
Don't let the money make you thirsty
Don't even let it be your goal (uh)
Just let it come and keep on working
And shine your light on them hoes
Cause I'm the hardest nigga out here
I'd rather die than live while I fear
I know why God took me down he-e-ere
To shine my light on them hoes (zagga)
Hardest nigga out here
I'd rather starve than live while I fear (oooh)
I feel like God sent me down he-e-ere
To shine my light on them hoes

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Lost in the world when, me and my girlfriend, me plus you
You know they say "If you fucked her
and she didn't cum, and you came, then she fucked you"
We squeeze first, nigga these ain't rebut-tools
These street sweepers, we dump 'til he jump brooms
Like these nuptials, in the D where dreams come true
This is the story of a man who's tryin to break his doubts
down like his cases count - obsessive compulsive countin dough
Makin sure all the numbers on the inside and all the faces out
Lawyers on retainer like they braces out
Say my name wrong I'll make you taste your mouth
Money come, money go, get it but don't splurge it
Your boy's greed and war's needs got they own purpose
There's more than four speeds on that Porsche Turbo
It's sittin on Forgi's/4G's like my phone service
I'm out here trappin with this here sincere rappin
Dear assassin, you can't kill a signed and sealed classic
Gazelles and Bill Blass's, snake skin troops
Reptile enemies X'd out is what make men true
I'm blackin just like Jamaicans do
I'm runnin 'longside your coupe tappin guns upon your Wrathe window
Like Ox in "Belly", got more Glocks and cellies
than New York got blocks and delis, cops and boxes of 'rellies
Their door's ajar, exposin my Maserati's guts and that's what got you jelly
The car I'm drivin got a pot belly

[Chorus Two: Royce Da 5'9"]
I'm out here trappin with this here sincere rappin
I've been shootin straight since two-inch tape, this for real classic
And gettin money was never part of my goals
It just came along with me shinin my light on them hoes
I've been out here trappin with this here sincere raps
for fifteen years, I ain't leavin here without a classic
I get money, get money money dough
All I came to do is shine my light on them hoes

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Hip-Hop is my house, watch these philosophies win
Around artists I stand out like I locked my keys in
I forgot my goal at 23 was make a classic
Walk away like Tiger with my nine iron, then take the Masters
They say that you get what you ask for
Well I asked to be left alone with my pen, pad and passport
This ain't no rags-to-rich brag shit
In fact, it's more close to bein a rich-to-rags story
The fabric I'm cut from's the most genuine article mankind offers
I'm like an underground landmine talkin; for Storch, Hammer and Antoine Walker
And your boy's a tampon, in every store I'm anti-corporate
Highest exalted, call me commercial, I'm highly insulted
This is Royce Da 5'9", mind body and soul shit
All I have on this fuckin globe is my shotty and flow
I'd rather let the coroner outline my body in chalk
than let the fans order me 'round the clock and buy me in bulk

[Chorus Two]

[Royce Da 5'9"]
We move in silence, y'all ain't hearin us comin
I was sent by God to provide that imperial sonnage
Y'all assembly line of rhymers really don't want it
I'll eat you for breakfast, one-by-one I got y'all cereal/serial numbers
I'm about to send a tweet out to my nigga Styles, tell him he got the juice now
Call my O.G. Scarface, talk some boxing with him, perhaps these new clowns
Politic perhaps 'bout a new him and Royce track
I'm feelin like D to the O to the C when he got his voice back
Ha, I'm feelin like Cube in a fresh El Camino
Rollin kilo G through Detroit's back
Streets wavin, to all my people I'm feelin more at home than Reese Taylor
This what memories are made of
I remember each grudge, each favor, each lie, each judge, each bailiff
Each job, cheap labor, each neighbor, each caper
Each mosque, each church, each pastor, pew and casket
Each future bastard double dutchin through the madness

[Chorus One]

[Royce Da 5'9"]
To shine my light on them hoes