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Artist: Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Layers
Song:   Off
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[Royce Da 5'9"]
I'm signing off on this
On the same note as the ones the treasury prints with every intent
to see niggaz dyin off of it
I signed at Sony a couple years after the NBA signed Kobe
And he 'bout to retire, so if anybody see Don Ienner
Make sure you tell him I ain't lost it yet
Somebody tell Tom Silverman hi for me, look in the sky, there's a fly sorcerer
eye-ballin me from of a flyin saucer
And my mind is like a full clip
And my competitions' magazines are runnin low like the Source and Vibe offices
Since '99 hip-hop been like my orphanage
Got dropped a lot, but every time I signed I got a million
A&R's and exec's was tellin me that I'm not appealin
Tried to turn me into Nas, I'm not him
but I forgive you, this is a Bob Marley, Bob Dylan spiritual vibe that I'm feelin
These scars are time healin, clearly you lost
You tried to put me in a box
How dare you try to minimize a lyrical god?
I'll Godzilla these walls - my +PRhyme+'s no time near
I'll improvise 'til my ceilings get Wizard of Oz
I'm the illest alive
I'm the rose that rose from the concrete with the thorn
And when I'm gone I shall live in a vase
Me and Porter just handlin business
Boy we came a long way from blastin cannons and havin to throw 'em in trash cans dismantlin shipments
I had the manager shift at my day job too, I laid down rules
No gas station past 8 Mile past eight or late drive-thrus
Maxell tape, you play the whole B side
You flip it over and hear the whole A side too
Now we got iCloud and FaceTime
basically to knock down the grapevine, make way as the chaos ensues
Niggaz safe and ratchets callin themselves bosses but they not
They David Hasselhoff and they "Baywatch"
But I'm cool, nowadays my life be lavish
Who I'm out with tonight, it might be a model or might be an actress
She might be a ballerina, she might do plays, she might just like theatrics
She might be famous, I must just pipe her for braggin rights
She might get mad at the paparazzi for flashin cameras at her
as she covers her face with her arm as if she's dabbin
She might be draggin me to some ol' uptight fashion show somewhere
where people like Madonna and Bono go
I might take one look up and down at the clothes
and say, "Hell naw, it's time to go, c'mon it's time to go"
I might fuck her on the kitchen table at her crib in the Hamptons
I might lay her down gently, I might slam her
I might even fuck around and yell "Domino"
My soul just sound off like you got a pair
I'm a real nigga, I done lost a lot of friends over the years
I've been losin a lot of hair
Been told that I'm out my mind
But if you only knew what was inside it you too would choose to stay outta there
I take my hats off to the addicts goin through somethin tragic
in their lives, shit even I backed off the madness
I had to take some time in rap off to realize
Now how do I stop being underrated?
How do I get props like, let's say a Drake?
But I rap with the skill set of, let's say a Black Thought or Elhzi
If Jay Elec' can bag a Rothschild without an album
then I can come back to rap after doin some jail time
No one cares about sales now
They care about Facebook status, it's all about gadgets and gettin fatter than hell
and consumin shit like them Patti LaBelle pies
Like lunatics; speakin of, I knew this chick
who used to just be happy to make it out the hood to see me
Then she got on some fuckin Truman shit
She started askin me to do shit...
{*vocals fade out before the music slows to a stop*}