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Artist: Royce Da 5'9" f/ Pusha T, Rick Ross
Album:  Layers
Song:   Layers
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"Look at you, no pleasure in creative thinking
 because you don't think creatively anymore.
 The real joy of being a human being is to be able to use your mind
 in the manner that the Almighty God has designed the human mind to do." {*echoes*}

[Pusha T]
Tug of war, in my mind's like the clash of the titans
Thoughts contrast so it's layers to my writin
God fearin but I'm God-ficient
Yeah, God hearin but I'm gone fishin
I'm an artist, drug dealin, foreign car keys
Drop jewels so these falcons like the Maltese
Birds in the trunk so these keys, now they homing
Letters and numbers on the Coupe like it's Roman
Woo! All black like "The Omen"
Kim said it, yup, BIG wrote it
So, I'm feelin like a Greek God when I quote it
Light years ahead but I was caught up in the moment
Moment of clarity, moment of silence
Burner on my waist, yet I'm sayin stop the violence
Sittin on that white horse, look at Prince Valiant
Dad shakes his head cause the worst waste his talent
I philosophize for them Pitchfork scholars
Devil on my shoulder and the pitchfork follows
Pokin at my problems, I know how to solve 'em
With a ski mask, automatic or revolver

"The slave is one whose power and authority is ruled over by another
 and whose fear of freedom is limited according to the wishes of a master.
 Your power and authority is ruled over by another
 and your sphere of freedom of activity, is governed by the wishes of somebody else."

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Them niggaz wanna see me runnin, they know I won't
They say misery loves company, no I don't
Ain't got no time for you to try on no Manolo Blahniks
All I got time to do is
go back in time and pose with the Unabomber
just so I could, go back in time a second time to photobomb it
I live by a code of demonic Illuminati, Obama, Hova-nomics
Hold up, hurdles in life, I hop in the Turbo and roll around 'em
I'm Doug E. Fresh in the flesh, I beatbox
I {*beatboxes*} between the sheets to seek the G-Spot
I'm in bed with three naked ladies holdin hands
I'm in bed with three major labels and I ain't talkin 'bout wearin clothing brands
Underground locomotive man
Puttin on a global show that no promoter can
I philosophize with wise words from learned lessons
In my world mistakes turns to blessings
The hate turned to destiny
I'm sayin "Lord Jesus, why the Lord's most gorgeous creatures take turns blessing me?"
I got your baby mama down on all fours
When drama comin I'm all for it
If it ain't 'bout the money please let this be your last question
You players can jump if you want, but you half-steppin like Paul George
I make the yay invisible in like a day or two
That's how the players do, my nigga, it's layers to it

"First in science, first in technology.
 Wealthiest country on Earth, most powerful country on Earth is 26th in education.
 So, you have all been taken, and you don't even realize
 that you have been dumbed, to the point where you are like sheep."

[Rick Ross]
Uhh {"M-M-M-M-Maybach Music"}
Paranoid of poverty, hustle was the philosophy
I seen a kilo, I swear it became a part of me
Lie, cheat, steal, I had it mastered by my teens
Started hands on, a nigga still pullin strings
Hotel suites straight sellin niggaz dreams
Motel 6 as I let the beeper ring
Was a water boy but ballin always in my genes
Season ticket holder, nigga sittin with the team
Feds on the roof for the spreads and the juice
So suspicious of the cars, tuitions for the schools
Labeled a mastermind, I positioned every move
Shots fired, now the deposition from the crew
Smooth operation but the money came in knots
40 millionaire, I dare you tell me what I'm not
I own fifty homes and wanna get fifty mo'
Countin this fast money and fuckin my bitches slow
Rozay (Rozay)