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Artist: Royce Da 5'9" f/ Agent Sasco, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Pusha T
Album:  Book of Ryan
Song:   Summer On Lock
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[Chorus: Pusha T]
I got the summer on lock (on lock) and the winter too (winter too)
Let me show you what a winner do (winner do)
Stay stuntin but you broke, why you frontin? (why you frontin?)
We the topic of discussion
Got the summer on lock (on lock) and the winter too (winter too)
Let me show you what a winner do (winner do)
Stay stuntin but you broke, why you frontin? (why you frontin?)
We the topic of discussion, got the summer on lock

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Nigga I'm so far ahead of my time I'm 'bout to start another life
You a target, I'll probably blast you twice
Alky rappin with the passion of Christ
Curveball through the eye of the storm, I am the calm 'fore disaster could strike
The rocks on that watch on that dial gon' shine loud on you hustlers
who out there in brownstones, like the Huxtables
Y'all came to be euthanized, I can't be de-humanized
I ain't even human, I'm payin a communion wine
Cruisin in that Wraith dawg, like we came to offend haters
Shoot a nigga face off like his neighbor is Tim Taylor
Racketeerin charge, tennis match in the yard
Y'all can finish that wack shit, then it's back to the gods
I'm in the Maybach right now tryna innovate
I'm too fly, don't try to give me my props, just give me space
Your favorite artist tryna party with Puff
I'm tryna fuck Cardi in a pair of Cartier Buffs, what?


Why you frontin? HA-HAAAHH!
Uh, it's fly season, my season (my season)
Long as I don't lose, it's all cool if I die even (cool)
Yeah, we the niggaz that they talkin 'bout (us)
Yeah, y'all the niggaz that they chalkin out (yup)
Yeah, I just let 'em go, I don't force 'em out
Supreme Court starin at my man as they walk him out
The time that he lookin at is crucial
I could see the pain translated through his pupils
Turn yourself in, it's even worse when they scoop you
See the Jake, don't hit the brake, just go to neutral
Barbeques, white yacht parties, that's what he used to
Pool halls, clubs and cribs, that's what he shoot through
Work out, get your number on, ock (work out)
Say your prayers, get your slumber on, ock (uh-huh)
They ain't give you life so your number gon' pop
You best believe 'til the day you come home

[Interlude: Agent Sasco] + (Pusha T)
(I got the summer on lock)
Our-a sun shine all day long - heyyy
Tell 'em soul hustle all day long - heyyy
Our-a sun shine all day long
All-all-all day long
(I got the summer on lock)

Ah, stop frontin nigga, hah!
Grind all winter, shine all summer
Life's a bitch and I'm tryna keep you slimeballs from her
Any leaks we gon' fix it, none of mine call plumbers
Nina to yo' chest player like nine y'all number
We Rondo niggaz, real recognize real, you John Doe nigga
I made a closet out of a condo nigga
See that's flyest nigga livin shit, look over the river shit
She say I'm a asshole, how? When I don't give a shit
It's play money, my son think the foreign a toy
That's why the family gon' +Ball+ like Lavar and his boys
I realize they wanna backstab me, then turn knife
You ain't got a hunnid 'til you got two hunnid, learn life
Respect ain't earned twice, once you lose it it's gone
And it's lame when your money right but you using it wrong
Shout to niggaz comin home this summer, the +Juice+ back
Screamin O.J. shootin craps, brought the tre-deuce back, yeah

[Chorus] - first 1/2