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Artist: Roll Deep
Album:  In at the Deep End
Song:   Poltergeist (Remix)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I was raised up in da areas where you would get blazed up for dat, life aint easy
spittin real bars dats easy for me, I'm real like bring some lose some beef
bring it, come lets do it, I'm gonna call 1 person
then me and dem will come to where you are, I know where you are, ill be where you are in 10 minutes!

yeah starter had to wall it it again
had to touch a paper or pen
must have got ready up da sceng
punch I'm already up wid dem
cause we got many freinds, and we take dem to blast dem
don't want it yo, you don't wont a war wid who
spit quick, talk shit, I'm dangerous
yeah you know dat we've started on road
dem man, dig out, going on home!

I spit critical, my lyrics hit dem wid flow and hit dem wid style
getta bring man on da mic and then their feelin me now
these lyrics, yeah soundboys manna showin dem how
each boy test manna get puffed out
anybody wanna bring it, they can bring it now
anyone who wanna swing it, we can swing it out
don't come against me, start man, my mouths loud
hat down, stand down,[?] don't smile.

Ill have your weak crew dead in an hour man
and my squads poppin off like a shower man
I'm over you like a tower man
don't ever allow a man, I own da power man
beef, you know we have to shower man
roll walkers, year da heaters man
free up in two seaters man
we don't ever leave a man, my crew be da gang man!
I blast these mcs wid ease
I drop sixteens dat make mcs freeze
and my fastest lyrics outlast these niggas
that couldn't get past these bars I'm spittin
I par with the hardest spitters
flow what I target and rip any mic that I'm given
Ill never lie my mouth is a weopon
terrorize you when I spit on a new armaggedon!

I'm a herbaholic, smoke till I vomit
reak on a cert and my whole crews on it, (wrraah!)
alaskan bless afganistan sess hydroponic
skunk white and the supersonic
keys in da bonnet tuns in da boot
air conditioning smellin of fruit (well)
I smoke da weed till my eyes dem bleed
don't fill my lungs with no twigs or seeds!

try eat on trim you will starve
no boy competing are you laugh
I'm on da beef ting its a laugh
trim speaking fuck da cars
for your opinion nobody asked
your not a minion readings a task
you could never steal of flast we will kick your ass
with lyrics or on grass!

hang on you don't know me from hadon
adding your weed man and your thinking you can jam on
and you've got no weed you've got ham on
and then your thinking your a killa killa camron
so well on think you can sell on
your not a terrorist your a femenist so remember this
I got the leather fist and when I swing I never miss
your pissed off cause I spit top kid!

Ive got a fresh bird straight from da desert wiv chrome feathers
sittin snug tite under my arm in his own leathers
new long body snake and his own scope
cotchin I my tracksuit covered by my coat so
are dey legs or lips stop runnin em
coz il put a gun in em and knock out ur brains
I steped up a level cuz I'm on a higha level
bruv I wont step bac and let da game get away