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Artist: Rock Mecca
Album:  Pirate Radio Star
Song:   Rumble Young Man Rumble
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Verse 1:
American dream
American made
American fiends from American slaves
I'm chasin a dream but I'm trapped in a maze
Of chasin the cream 'til I trapped in a grave
I'm Awake!
I'mma fight, I'mma brawl, I'mma bite, I'mma claw
On my way out the door
If my back's against the wall
I'mma speak, I'mma talk
I'mma creep, I'mma walk
I'mma stomp, I'mma jump
'Til I bounce against the wall
When I fall I'mma get up and never give up
When I'm up I'mma keep up and never let up
At dawn when I get up
With hunger, to be the number
One, one, won't stop 'til I'm done (one, one, one, one)
In a race against time so now I'm on the run
So uh, pass the baton, pass the mic or pass the gun
Can't stop for anyone so you gon' have to come
To, the place I'm goin' or wherever I'm from
A survivor
Alive on arrival
Live on your dial so
Turn me up, and listen up

Verse 2:
I was born, I was raised, I was scorned, I was praised
I was grazed by the strays in the crowd
No mistake is allowed
When I'm chasin the sounds
Through your cities and towns
Speakers shakin the ground
All I need is a crown
Mind state of an all time great
With a sold out date
In the cold I'll wait
On the grind 'til I shine
If I know my place
Then I'm never gonna know my fate
My fate: Motown 25, 56 Hope Road
In the 27 club but I didn't overdose
If you lean over close
You can hear all the notes
Think you landin body shots but I'm ropin' a dope
In the Rumble in the Jungle, Thrilla in Manilla
Where everyone's a killer
Still you'll find nobody realer
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the flyest of them all?

Verse 3:
From the grave I rose
Like a slave I pose
With a chain and a whip
Wooden grain what I grip
Pushin 80 on the strip
Never quit
Til I'm pushin 80 on stick
Grippin' a cane
Man I'm something insane
But it's something inside
Like the hurt and the pain
But it's hard to define
Is it hunger for fame?
Do you do it for the love of the art?
Cuz the end'll look the same from the place where you start
On your band turn the dial out of nowhere
Here I are
Pirate Radio Star