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Artist: Rock Mecca
Album:  Pirate Radio Star
Song:   Invisible Man Broadcasting Live
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(* He's got a pirate radio station...Nobody knows who he is*)

[Rock Mecca]
What do you get when an angel gets pregnant by the devil
A rebel on another level
You Know What I'm Sayin?
Interruptin, your regular broadcast for newsflash
I forecast more cash when I'm in full blast
I move past, those who try to come up with a new fad
Cuz all they really doin' makin us laugh
You feel me
People in the city labelin me the messiah
Want a sign whether divine or with a  science
Cock back and bust a shot in the sky
Like the fourth of July, Independence day
Major labels wondering who 
Im just a voice,
No face, no name
No place, no fame
Appearin live before you
Then disappear without a clue
No trace, nowhere in cyberspace
No blogs no comment sections
No squad no click to rep with
No videos no pictures
No sob story no fiction
No fables, no countdowns on cable
No label can sign me
I sign on broadcasting live
But can't find me
Cuz Im gone, won't catch me alive
Grassy knoll magic bullet all you hear is the boom
The Ralph Ellison slash elephant in the room
I got the medicine, Dr. Who Dr Doom
Dr Strange sending wave signals into your room
Im the host with the most call me the ghost
And now that you know
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the show