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Artist: Rock Mecca
Album:  Pirate Radio Star
Song:   Cooler Heads Prevail
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Verse 1:

From the darkest corners
Where the market's cornered
By the hardest rosters
In a race for armor
With a taste for drama
Fire starter
A martyr in the making
Taking gambles on your karma
You dumb out
Until your luck run out
And now your blood run out, a lung out
When son pulled the gun out
Before the yellow tape and the hurt
Funeral and the hearse
To see what started it first
Was it over a woman?
Was it over some doe?
Was it too long ago?
So really we'll never know
Was it only for show?
Rep, ego or pride?
Your people by your side
So really can't let it slide
The more you swell your chest
The less we see your heart
Be a man and play your part
Cuz it didn't have to start
Ambulances come to cart
Dead bodies and body parts
Lawyers looking at the case
Doctors looking at the chart
Only way to survive is to slow up or grow up
Or get colder, not older when killers roll up
Now hold up
You know you hearin this from a vet
Who seen ice grills and threats
Turning into a death
Paranoid, like a swarm feel you under attack
Gotta respond react with a counterattack
Mostly overreact, better snap back relax
Cross the line to a place where you never come back, come back!

Cuz most heads coming here to build
Some heads comin here to kill
PSA from the frail to the real
I'm tellin you to chill
Cooler heads prevail