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Artist: Roc C
Album:  Chrome Children
Song:   Movin'
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Roc C]
Rest in peace to all my fallen soldiers man y'know?
Gotta keep it movin - this goes out to anybody who ever felt
like sometimes the world just wasn't meant for you
It's alright to fall down off your hourse but you gotta keep it movin
Oh, you ready? 'Fin to shake up the world then
Huh, drop the beat~!

Cain't stop, won't stop, and you know we stay
If I fall down, I'm gettin back up
On our way to the top and you know we stay
Nine three-oh thirty-third let's go!

[Roc C]
Yeah, I spit attitude, fuck rap
Save all the bullshit jumped outta the gate
Niggaz like who's this, runnin over cowards
Smashed by the hour constantly, Oh by my side what's stoppin me
I roll top speed, smoke weed
Moved out of studio, to a H-U-S-E
Huh, who the best be, let's see
The whole ock stand behind me and that's over one-hundred thou'
I run a hundred miles, match up to any style
The boy versatile, that's how I got the money pile
Operation take 'em down, back 'em down, shut 'em up
Roc play the game but it's never enough
Tough as nails, cain't tell, my squad will prevail
So fuck what you sayin, layin in a puddle of piss
Huh, my one wish is to have Dilla back
If I cain't have that, I'ma see him on the other side


[Roc C]
Yeah, X marks the spot, red dot you bumba claat
Step to all the flows I got and you will get bloodied
Uhh, rough and rugged, shine like a gold nugget
Alcohol consumption, weed blowin out my system
Huh, adrenaline pumpin, 'bout to get an ox emblem
I'm like Wimbledon, I serve niggaz
Back in the game for more, niggaz, I know it hurt don't it
In a straight line is where I'm pointed
I'm zonin, the one that's chosen, rhymes'll that'll leave you open
Pokin your nose in my situation
Might lead to a levitation, whole lot of medication
Pacin back and forth, waitin for an answer
Me~! I'm just an ape, still lookin for bananas
Paparazzis still flickin cameras, watch me step
I rep eight-oh-five ways to meet your death, quiet as kept
I'm hot, won't rot in a box, I'm a beast!