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Artist: Rittz
Album:  White Jesus
Song:   White Jesus
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{Intro of a woman speaking in Japanese}


Yuh, yuh-uh, yeah!
Slumerican shit

It's Rittz, Jonny Valiant, bitch bonjour, put me on raw
I've been nutty on the mic since back in '04
Motherfuckers say I disrespect the art form
You don't wanna piss me off cause I'm a tickin timebomb
I'm from G.C., everybody hardcore
When they hear that gun clap like an encore
Leave the car door lookin like a dart board
More holes in your body than a golf course
Fuck that, I'ma stand tall, never fall short
Heard someone say I got the ball in my court
My boys and my goner homies, I'ma die for
I'm not a human, I'm more, like a cyborg
I soar on the highway 85 north
Minglin on Singleton on down to five-four
I'm sure you ain't heard of me, but now it's time for
People lookin in the sky like, "Why Lord?"

(It's White Jesus) Don't trip cause this ain't
blasphemy, actually that's my nickname
Rittz in this bitch, and the beats by Plymp, mayne
And can't nobody fuck with the pen game, my name white
(It's White Jesuuuuuuuuus...) Don't trip cause this ain't
blasphemy, actually that's my nickname
Rittz in this bitch, and the beats by Plymp, mayne
And can't nobody fuck with the pen game
My name is Rittz, bitch!

Homie this is not the Illuminati, I promise ya
Hit rhymes and punchlines, I punish ya
Man I'm comin like Big Pun in the 90's
I'm a son of a, comin on my diplomic-a
Rappin like fuck 'em if they ain't feelin where I'm comin from
Cause everyone bubblegum, we ain't even listenin to 'em
We makin fun of 'em, I'ma say it right in front of 'em
Ain't no comparison, fucker we're Slumerican
And everything been lookin love-ly, the way they kick us crumb-ly
I've been observin local rappers and it's troublin
They bite so much, it's like somebody needs to muzzle them
Some people's ego be so big, they need some humblin
They wishing I would disappear but here I come again
It's like I, finally got the ball runnin where I'm from and it's
still crumblin erb, drunken and slurred, mumblin words
I must have emerged from nothing to something
All of a sudden everyone say they love me, and they call me white...


It's been a long dark road, ain't nobody acknowldege me
Feelin my homie kickin me when I finally hit bottom
When I was fallin they was laughin at me, watching me topplin
I was callin, everbody walking on me and stoppin me
But they thought I was finished, they was sure I was done
Swung back as the rapper that I was gonna become
In the industry, noticing the majority's young
Cocky motherfuckers actin so important they just wantin my fund
Got me thinkin like I'm the normal-est one
Cause everybody usin words like ma-sonic and viral
All I can say is fuck, goddamn it, it's my go
My lyrics paint a picture like a Pablo Picasso
I know, that can't nobody fuck with the squad
Yelawolf, Shawty Fatt, Young Struggle and moi
Don't let the long hair fool ya, I don't play the guitar
I'm a rapstar, this out of a son of a gun


"I wanna talk to you tonight about stepping into your divine destiny
Everyone of us has seeds of greatness on the inside
You have a gift to share with this world
There is buried treasure down in you right now
Potential that has not yet been released
Cause so often, we let other people talk us out of our dreams
We let disappointments and failures keep our treasure buried
We allow insecurities and low self-esteem to convince us that
we don't have anything special to offer
There is treasure, on your inside
You have something to offer that no one else has
And if you don't step in to your destiny and release your gift,
the this world would not be as bright as it should be"