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Artist: Rittz
Album:  White Jesus Revival
Song:   Injury
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Do you remember when... we had our first argument?
Arguin... I was on the love seat, you was on the ottoman
And we were talkin shit, I called you a whore
Your jaw dropped when I called you it
You punched me in the mouth with a closed fist
I choked you right in front of your mom and them
Do you remember that?... We was at my nephew's christening
And you were mentioning... some dude that you screwed and instantly
I got pissed and we, started causing a scene 
Cussin loud at the parking lot at the church
You scratched me then I slapped you 
then we went home and fucked right afterwards
I think that we're meant to be...

Meant to be, meant to be...
We got a special chemestry
With a lot of drunken memories
But I'll always love you endlessly
(But sometimes that results in injury)

We get drunk and fight... that's like what we do for fun
The condo that we moved in was brand new 'til we argued 
Throwin shit, you were punchin bunch of holes in the wall
You remember when you broke the doors?
So many carpet stains, I threw Coke in your face
You spit at me, hopin to provoke me more
Break ya necklace off, and the dog would run
And ya momma come, tryna instigate
That night that you hit me with the dinner plate
I got pissed and I hit you with the Wendy's bag
I took the burger out, and I mushed you with it
You were hungry too, I slung ALL the fries
in the hall, then you hit me in the balls and cried
Other couples hang with us and be like, "God, you guys are just meant to be..."


So many vacations got ruined, we fucked up Disneyland 
We got into a huge fight, it sucked
We showed out right in front of your brother and his wife 
But fuck, that's what they get for inviting us
We don't know no better, we get hyped and drunk
Me at the heart's game I was trashed, blackin out
Goin up to groups of dudes, and I said 
"You a diesel motherfucker that I need to smack around?"
They coulda fucked me up, thank God they didn't 
We shoulda went to jail fightin by the conference center
I threw ya brand new cell out the window 
You threw mine too then you ripped off my car antenna
Kelly and Charlie's wedding, that was the worst of all 
Then the whole hotel could hear... us screamin and fightin 
Cussin and fussin and fuckin, everyone could tell that we're meant to be...