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Artist: Rise
Album:  Brothers On The Slide
Song:   Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle
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Sittin' on top of Brandy
Trading Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy
To know me is to love me but some people can't stand me
Conceited creep, I take a week to answer my beeps
I'm the king, I should be fed grapes and fanned with a leaf
Guys want me deceased, girls give my name to their teddys
You wack, you don't deserve Life like Martin and Eddie
It's starts in the belly, so put some headphones on your stomach
And play my tape to your fetus, watch him grow to be a genius
Cause even in a walkman with dyin' Ever Readys
My raps sound phat/fat like cats that breath heavy
Blast music on a school day, till the sky is moon lit
My downstairs neighbors bang the ceiling with a broom stick
If you don't like my style, you have the wrong taste
Rise, my mind state is bigger than Spawn's cape
Tape is wasted
Wack niggas swearing that they laced it
Face it
Rise on top, like a rapist
Kick rhymes that's priceless
Freestyles will cost you
I'm an honor to rhyme with, but a jerk to talk to
Mad quiet, you won't even know that I'm there
My closet is full of skeletons, I hang my coats on the chair
People won't believe I exist
One day I'll be your favorite rapper and your reason to quit
In cipher's you get skipped while they pass it to me
You write your illest wack shit when you imagine you're me
But if I didn't have rhymes, I'd probably lose my mind
And be a psycho late night, buyin' knives from channel nine
Even unsigned
All the rhymes I spit lethal
While your career is lucky like people who need people